10+ increase in local positive COVID-19 cases expected today, says Fremont County Incident Management Team


The number of recovered cases locally is 14 according to the latest update from the Wyoming Department of Health website. The Fremont County Incident Management Team shares the latest information on local COVID-19 cases below:

Fremont County tested positives for COVID-19 as of today is 53 (2 additional cases in the last 24 hours). The State Public Health Site lists 6 probable positives for Fremont County which means they were in close proximity to a confirmed positive.


Fremont County and the Wind River Reservation clinics have increased the testing and contract tracing surrounding known positive tested individuals for COVID-19. With this increase, we will see a larger than average increase in positives listed on the state COVID-19 site this afternoon. We expect 10 or more positives to show up.

There have several folks in our transient population within this increase, and temporary shelters are being put together this morning until a permanent solution has been identified.

Health department officials, County elected officials, and Tribal leaders are meeting today at 11:00 am to decide on a permanent solution that is expected to be in place by the end of the day or early tomorrow. We will update the public this afternoon with details and final numbers posted by the state.

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