Local women take proactive stance for personal safey; Gun safety class attracts more females

(Riverton, Wyo.) – “There are a lot of untrained people out there,” said former Riverton Police Captain and  and gun safety instructor  Mark Stone of Riverton. That’s a situation Stone said he would like to change. As Wyoming is now a “concealed/carry” state, meaning residents here can carry sidearms without a permit, Stone told a recent personal protection class that they “need to keep themsevles from being a victim. We live in a different world that we grew up in,” he said. “Random shootings happen every day, in schools, shopping malls or hospitals, and gun-free zones invite the bad guy in.” he said.

Car fire extinguished at Beauty School parking lot; “I tried to start the car and it caught on fire” driver said

(Riverton, ) – Betsy Carver of Riverton won’t soon forget this lunch hour, unfortunately. When she left her class at the Styles School of Cosmetology at 611 East Main, her 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass would not start. And then the engine compartment burst into flames. The vehicle had a full tank of gas, and was in the parking lot with other vehicles nearby.