An interagency team of wildlife managers count elk as they slowly roll down through the herd on the National Elk Refuge. (WGFD)

Jackson Elk Herd numbers at population objective; Bison harvest set record

(Jackson, Wyo.) – Winter is typically the time when wildlife managers con- duct their big game counts because big game animals are concentrated on their winter ranges. This makes it easier for wildlife managers to get a good count on the herds, which can be quite large.

Gambles in Lander has Spring Fever

Gambles’ owner Shane had a case of Spring Fever…and you get to benefit!

Shane got caught enjoying the warm weather a little too much and must have been daydreaming when he ordered 2 semi-trucks full of La-Z-Boy furniture just a couple of weeks following a massive delivery of Southern Motion products….Shane needs room in the store and FAST! No gimmicks, no jokes – his “oops” means savings you don’t want to miss!