Elk at the National Elk Refuge near Jackson.

Thermopolis man found guilty of wasting elk

(Cody, Wyo.) – In Park County Circuit Court a 43-year-old Thermopolis man was found guilty by a six member jury for failure to tag a big game animal, waste of edible portions of meat and interference with lawful duties of a peace officer. He received a 60 day suspended jail sentence and six months probation, was fined $1,450 and will lose his hunting privileges for the next two years.

Data from Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Map graphic by Wyoming Migration Initiative.
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Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulate Wildlife Migration under development at UW

(Laramie, Wyo) – “For thousands of years ungulates have migrated between seasonal ranges in the vast and beautiful landscapes of Wyoming. From mule deer and pronghorn that travel across the Red Desert to the wilderness journeys of elk and moose in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Wyoming boasts some of the longest and most spectacular migrations in North America.