Wyoming Business Council Regional Director Roger Bower talked with FAST's Missy White after the RECDA meeting.

Effort to raise Minimum Revenue Guarantee for reliable air service about to begin

(Riverton, Wyo.) – As fundraising for a revenue guarantee to provide increased air service at Riverton Regional Airport is about to begin, the Riverton Economic and Community Development Association was reminded that the more airline seats that are sold here, the less of a guarantee would be needed.

An interagency team of wildlife managers count elk as they slowly roll down through the herd on the National Elk Refuge. (WGFD)

Jackson Elk Herd numbers at population objective; Bison harvest set record

(Jackson, Wyo.) – Winter is typically the time when wildlife managers con- duct their big game counts because big game animals are concentrated on their winter ranges. This makes it easier for wildlife managers to get a good count on the herds, which can be quite large.

Dr. Jackson Crawford of Riverton is the author of "The Poetic Edda: Stories of the Norse Gods and Heroes"

Top New European Literature release on Amazon written by Riverton scholar

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A long-awaited English translation of The Poetic Edda: Stories of the Norse Gods and Heroes, is currently the number one European Literature release being sold on Amazon.com. While that is not unusual in and of itself, the author is from Wyoming-far from the shores of Iceland and Norway where the poems were first written in the era of the Vikings.