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Time for a Family Meeting to Discuss Financial Preparations?

During the holiday season, you no doubt have a lot going on in your life — work functions, gatherings with friends and neighbors, tracking down the elusive “perfect gift,” etc. But you may find it valuable to add one more event to your calendar: a family meeting to discuss those financial preparations that affect you and your loved ones.
Of course, the scope of your meeting will depend on your age and the age of your children, and on whether you have elderly parents. So, let’s look at one family meeting scenario that would work under two different sets of circumstances: you are meeting with your own grown children or you are meeting with your elderly parents.
In either case, you’ll want to review the following areas:

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East Meets West. An Author finds Respite Care in Dubois

From the “upper east side” to a small western town, author Jonathon Lazear arrived at Warm Valley Lodge Assisted Living this past summer, for short-term care, known as respite care. Jonathon moved out west from New York in 2013 to reconnect with family living in Lander. He had written books such as Come on Get Happy; 365 Ways to Feel Good, Remembrance of Father: Words to Heal the Heart and The Man who Mistook His Job for a Life to mention a few. As Jonathon’s health declined, and after a hospital stay his son’s Michael and Ross searched the web for a place where he could rest, get care and recuperate. His sons were initially drawn to Warm Valley Lodge’s webpage, made a connection with our staff, and a special relationship followed.

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Aquatic program speeds post-op recovery and is ideal for athletic injuries, arthritis and chronic pain

“Water has powerful healing qualities, and recent studies confirm that combining water and land-based therapy can be more effective than land-based therapy alone,” states Fremont Therapy Group’s Scott Phister, BS, MPT. “Our extensive aquatic program is also ideal for people suffering from arthritis, spine, shoulder and hip injuries, as well as chronic pain.”