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PitchEngine Hyperlocals make up a network of  web and mobile-based media outlets providing Wyoming communities with instant news and updates. Our mission is to not only report local news as soon as it happens, but to tell the stories of our communities and the residents who live here. PitchEngine is born and raised Wyoming. Sign up to receive our daily and instant updates about the people, organizations and places around you using the “subscribe” button above.


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Our Story
PitchEngine Hyperlocals began has a single site called, County 10, in December 2011. It was born out of necessity by an ambitious group of talented people at PitchEngine in Lander, Wyoming. We felt that our community was sorely underserved by traditional media outlets and decided to create a modern format that truly served a local audience. Instead of feeding readers what we thought was newsworthy, we would work to let the community dictate what was truly of value. We would also focus only on local news and not fill pages or airtime with national news that broke days, hours or even minutes ago on some other news outlet.

This modern “newspaper”  will go well beyond the restrictions of print publications by encompassing rich media and informative digital data that simply can’t be emulated elsewhere. We’ll use analytics to determine what’s working on what’s not to create a better experience for everyone. We’ll let the community tell their stories, not dictate what makes the cut. PitchEngine Hyperlocals will be a mashup of tv news, radio and newspaper to serve a local news consumer by web or mobile device.

Thank you for your support of our new publication and growing team. Please continue to share it with your neighbors!

Jason Kintzler
Founder/CEO at PitchEngine


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  1. Allen Stewart

    I was getting county 10 app on my iPhone now I can't
    What happen to the app? Charlotte Stewart
    PO Box 136 Riverton

  2. Shawna Davis


  3. County 10

    Allen, the site is responsively designed, meaning it works well on mobile now. We're removing the app. You can simply go to your smart phone (iPhone) browser and pull up the site. Thanks for reading County 10.

  4. County 10

    Shawna, The navigation has not changed. Tabs and posts are still the same. If you could be more specific about what it is that has changed to make it harder for you to follow, I may be able to assist with that.

  5. Lee Crook

    @followers: Be sure you have the latest version possible of internet explorer. Older versions of internet explorer can cause a lot of viewing problems. If you run Windows XP, you may need to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead.

  6. I can't seem to post anything on your 10 trades, even to ask about a product for sale or trade…any suggestions?

  7. Harold Dean Gudmundsen

    How do you list items for sale?

  8. Jodi Moll

    Just wondering why County 10 has cut Dubois articles. Many residents of Dubois were relying on you for up-to-date area happenings. Now all we see are Lander and Riverton happenings. Just as Lander and Riverton…we have great business and community members who join together to do wonderful things in our community. Don't we count anymore?

  9. Ernie Over

    Jodi, Thanks for the comment. No we haven’t cut Dubois articles out, but there have been fewer of them this past month. As always, feel free to suggest story ideas or tips on breaking stories to us or post your own content to the link on our home page. Dubois is an important part of Fremont County and Dubois will continue to be featured in our content.

  10. Patricia Hardt

    Interested in receiving your news daily

  11. Laurence Gee

    You might want to know that Wayne Nelson died. Here is a link to his obituary.

  12. Joshua Scheer

    Thank you, Laurence. We’ll post it soon.

  13. Tracy Cardenas

    I am with shawna. I haven't been able to find anything on here for a month now. I guess It's back to the paper.

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