The Market’s Wild Ride

This has been a summer of surprises. On June 23rd, the U.K. decided it was time to leave (eventually) the European Union (EU). In response, U.S. markets joined the global reaction to the surprise outcome. Stocks declined sharply and bond prices moved higher (lowering interest rates further). Since then, the U.S. equity markets have rallied back to notch new all-time highs.
Here are some lessons to be learned:
  • Over time, rising stock prices are supported by economic and earnings growth. But markets tend to rise and fall more quickly than those fundamentals, especially when fears and uncertainty are on the rise. The overall picture still seems to be that the fundamentals remain positive and economic growth, albeit, slow, is at least dependable.
  • It’s only normal to be concerned with all the recent market volatility lately. Having the market test our nerves every now and then is just part of investing. But in most cases, you don’t need to do anything except stay invested; especially if your portfolio is well diversified. Know it’s there to help you weather the storm. You might even consider adding investments to your account, both in the U.S. and abroad, as over the next few months, any downside market action could be seen as a potential buying opportunity.
  • Especially now, as related to the upcoming election, instead of making investment decisions based on predictions or polls, make sure your investments are well-positioned for a variety of outcomes.
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