Uden bodies search begins in earnest on Friday; Modified pontoon boat and underwater sonar to be used

(Pinedale, Wyo.) – The search for the remains of the Uden family in Fremont Lake will begin in earnest tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 5th, according to search and rescue personnel at the scene. The search team was interviewed this afternoon at Lakeside Lodge on the large lake, located just east of Pinedale. The teams involved in the search gathered in Pinedale on Monday and began planning the operation.

The primary search tool is a 43 foot-long modified pontoon boat from Cross Marine Projects of American Fork, Utah. The boat is named Charity Eden after the owner’s daughter. According to James Cross, the pilot of the boat and company owner, the boat is equipped with deep water sonar which will ping for underwater objects. If one is located, a remotely controlled and tethered submersible will be launched to investigate the finding.

The Uden family was allegedly stuffed into barrels and dropped into the lake after they were murdered by confessed killer Gerald Uden, the step-father of the two boys and husband of their mother. See background information here.

An established grid pattern will be identified and followed in the search efforts, concentrated in a pre-determined location of the lake, said Dave Bell of Pinedale, who interviewed Cross and took photos today for County10.com.

In addition to the search for the victim’s bodies, Bell reported that it will also serve as a training exercise for the Tip Top Search and Rescue Teams from Sublette County. That organization has an underwater sonar. It will be combined with the equipment on board Cross’ boat during the search.

The search effort is being conducted in conjunction with the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office and the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, and the Tip Top Search and Rescue teams. Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee is also participating in the search, as the crime was committed near Pavillion.

–Information and photos provided by David Hall of Pinedale. 

Rear view of the search vessel Charity Eden docked on Fremont Lake near Pinedale, (David Hall photo)

Rear view of the search vessel Charity Eden docked on Fremont Lake near Pinedale, (David Bell photo)


  1. Randy Ray

    I can understand the family wanting to put this to rest but what is this going to cost? Who is paying the bill??

  2. Tony Huemer

    Should we leave all unsolved murder cases open?

  3. Randy Ray

    Unsolved? Do you read or listen to the news? The man and woman admitted to the murders in court. These bodies have been in the water for 34 years and I bet they find little, if anything at all.

  4. Linda Parker Howdyshell

    What would you say if they were your loved ones? They have nobody left. I knew these people. They deserve to be found and finally put to a decent resting place.

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