Now Hiring at The Forge Grill!

(Lander, Wyo) - We serve better than just bar food and word has gotten out! We need tenacious cooks to take on the challenges our kitchen presents. We are small but growing, so needs and expectations change regularly as we get busier and busier. If you’re not flexible, have a poor attitude or are lazy, this is not the job for you!


Here’s what you can expect: Our menu is simple with great quality, you will be challenged and stressed, you will have to be self reliant and efficient, you will have to clean the kitchen including the hoods and fryers, you will get to serve awesome customers that learn your shifts and come in when they know you are working, you will get to work with fantastic staff that take care of each other, and your boss is easy going but will kick your butt if you are lagging behind!

  • You MUST have commercial cooking experience!
  • You MUST have 2 work references!
  • You MUST be AWESOME and ready to rock!
  • You MUST be reliable, clean and Presentable!
  • You SHOULD love to cook and take PRIDE in what you produce

Think you can manage that? Then come in and talk to Kristen or Hilary and we’ll get you started.

We have a variety of hours available, but Kitchen Hours are as follows:

Monday through Thursday 10-2pm 5-CL

FridaySaturday and Sunday 10am-10pm