Crazythunder, arrested for his third probation revocation, held on $25k cash bond

(Fort Washakie, Wyo.) – A Fort Washakie man who was on his third round of supervised probation allegedly absconded for nearly 8 months before being caught a little over a week ago.

William Patrick Crazythunder pleaded no contest in 2009 to the involuntary manslaughter of his infant son. He has had his probation revoked twice, and this would be his third. It is alleged that he left the Southwest Counseling program without successfully completing it and never checked in with his probation officer. His attorney, Devon Petersen, said that Crazythunder had been living a life akin to homelessness. A warrant was issued for a probation revocation arrest in January, but he wasn’t found by law enforcement until Aug. 25.

At an initial probation revocation appearance in District Court yesterday, Crazythunder denied the allegations and an evidentiary hearing will be set within the next couple weeks.

His bond has been set at $25,000 cash, with Deputy County Attorney Daniel Stebner arguing that Crazythunder would be a flight risk. He noted that at the setting of his probation, Crazythunder was admonished by the court that he likely wouldn’t get a fourth chance.

If Ninth District Court Judge Norman E. Young does permanently revoke Crazythunder’s probation, he’ll be required to serve the balance of his 5-10-year prison sentence.

Background on the case:

The affidavit, written by Lander Police Det. Fred Cox states the EMS were called to the family’s home at 11:53 a.m. on Nov. 1, 2008, for the infant, who was soon after pronounced dead at Lander Regional Hospital.

“Tyler appeared to have burns on (the) lower half of his body,” states the affidavit. “Tyler’s body temperature was measured at 109.6 degrees.”

The affidavit relates interviews conducted with Crazythunder and the boy’s mother Dawn Headley.

“William Crazythunder stated that on October 31, 2008, he was in jail for a DUI and his Grandmother came and bailed him out around 9:00 p.m.,” states court documents. At the home were Headley, Tyler and another child. Crazythunder’s brother-in-law allegedly came over and the pair drank into the night.

Headley reportedly told police she left Crazythunder and the children at the home the next morning around 8:30 a.m. and said Crazythunder had asked her to buy more whiskey and cigarettes. “She refused and told him to watch the kids,” states the affidavit.

Crazythunder told police he fell asleep after Headley left and when he woke, he couldn’t find the boy. When he found the infant, he was on the floor between the wall and the bed in a bedroom.

“It appeared that Tyler had rolled off the head of the bed and became trapped between the bed and the wall over an electric baseboard heater,” states the affidavit.

The court documents quote forensic pathologist Patrick C. Allen, who performed an autopsy, that the cause of death was hyperthermia-related injuries. “Dr. Allen reported severe and widespread thermal injury with second and third-degree burns.”


  1. Jean Harris

    Alcoholism is a horrible disease. Ive watched the media make a monster out of this man since day one. I know Mr. Crazythunder personally, and I know that the guilt and shame and helplessness he feels over the loss of his son is something that he can never repair. Those feelings, combined with alcohol addiction and the ostracism by family and community combined would be enough to keep me drinking too. This is CLEARLY a problem that hasnt been addressed in a healthy way. So many alcoholics couldve made the same mistake Billy did. What he needs isnt more jail time and to learn more ins and outs of the penal system…more tricks of the trade…to become more of a social outcast. What Mr. Crazythunder needs is some REAL, SERIOUS treatment. Not the usual fremont counseling/shorap lodge blanket that fremont county likes to use to bring in the bucks. This accident could have happened to any alcoholic…white, black, native, old, young, working, get the gist. Im beyond tired of county10 and its half witted, half assed reporting. Its unfortunate, like everyone else in this god forsaken county, that i have no other decent source of media to reference. so im stuck reading this racist garbage on a daily basis. and…admin, dont try to cop out and say it isnt promoting racism. County10 is a hate mongering machine.

  2. Randy Ray

    From what I just read, it sounds as though you may be a touch racist too. I have two things to say,
    1. Sometimes the truth hurts.
    2. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink..
    A simple solution to your ," tired of county 10 and it's half witted reporting,' STOP READING IT!
    I hope your friend finds the help he needs.

  3. Melody Bearsbackbone

    I agree with you Jean.

  4. Jean Harris

    Im half white and half native. which gives me the ultimate view. and, if youd read thoroughly, i said it is unfortunate that there is no other decent source of media coverage in this area. obviously it does take a neurosurgeon to see that county10s coverage is ALWAYS shining dark rather than light on the native community. Wheres the coverage of the Northern Arapaho Celebration? And thats just the tip of the iceberg, randy dear ;)

  5. Elizabeth K McKinney

    I find the use of racism thrown around a lot on here and usually the racist ones tend to be the ones who in fact are the people calling others racist. It matters not what color his skin is the fact is that he killed an infant left in his care due to negligence and repeatedly violated probation. Whether he was drunk or sober or white or native are of no real consequence, he messed up repeatedly and badly and should be shown the full and serious consequences of the law for his actions. He has made little effort to try to repair the damage he has caused and whether he feels bad or repentant for his actions or not he made those decisions for himself. You may sing a different tune if it had been your boyfriend who had killed your child because he passed out without taking the time to safely secure him in a play pen or crib. I feel more sympathy for his significant and her terrible loss.

  6. County 10

    Jean, Content Director Josh Scheer here. We've chatted before. You bring up some interesting points, and I'd love to sit down with you in person and talk some of this out. Give me a call at the office at 855-4016, and let's set up a time to talk.

  7. Jean Harris

    Joshua, Id love to chat. Youll be hearing from me shortly. And, again, let me reiterate, for those who seem to overlook certain facts. I am half white and half native american. I have a very unique and advantageous view of both sides of every argument that arises regarding race in this forum. Some days i sigh and throw my hands up in despair over the coverage. Some days i dont. Its news and opinions. Agreed, it is a tragedy for everyone involved. No parent WANTS to lose a child? And I can guarantee you that Mr. Crazythunder is paying with his heart, mind, body and soul for all of eternity. He loved his son…still does and will never stop wishing that day never happened. My issue with the entire article is that this is not only the third time hes been revoked (how many of these repeat offenders and usual suspects get a whole article), but also the third time it has been needlessly blasted in the media. open that wound and pour some more salt instead of letting a man grieve, heal and serve his sentence.

  8. Randy Ray

    Noone has overlooked "certain facts." You have reminded us frequently that you are what you say you are. Being half white and half native American does not make you an expert in culture, education does. I worked in a mental health facility for some years so there is nothing you can show or tell me that is a surprise. I know all about the native culture.
    Something that will help you is don't be so quick to accuse or judge others. Those are signs of one looking for racial bias.
    If you had a family member killed by a drunk driver, how would you look at that driver? (convicted on numerous occasions for DUI) Grief does NOT give a person the right to break the law.
    If you are the friend to him you say you are, help him. Actions speak louder than words.
    Good luck.

  9. Jean Harris

    Randy, these comments will get lost in the sea of nonsense…which is unfortunate. I do admire your tenacity. I am educated, have traveled, lived and learned. A dynamite package if you ask me. Its been lovely….until next time ;)

  10. Autumn G. Wallowing Bull

    Jean my friend, this is Fremont County News. As far as I know and I see the native view point on a daily basis, Natives in general are the "bad" guys lol! We are savage and nothing good comes from my beloved Wind River Rez. Propaganda and promotion of "that" dark, "bad" news is what keeps people coming back for more. Awesome business ethic! This is exactly why the people of Riverton and Lander will not get along with my people of the Wind River Rez. Divide and conquer and conquer those you fear. If Im not wrong is saying this, then where's the beautiful stories on culture and tradition of local native peoples? Where's the success stories on successful native men and women who make a different on the Rez? I myself, do not read county 10 anymore. It's a breeding ground for hate and it's okay to be hateful and unremorseful. and yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is America, people fought and died for freedom, my relatives included. But,…'s time to LEARN to leave that racism alone. Kids need to stop learning it, parents need to stop teaching it. There's nothing to fear from the people of the Wind River Rez. Most of us out here have our own daam problems to deal with.

  11. Loa N Helen Mafua

    Why in the hell isnt.the mother being charged as well for negligent.homicide..,.wteff!!!! Mothers are the ones that are supposed to love and protect there children they should both be charged …….poor baby its sad to say but maybe its better hes gone …imagine if he has older siblings what theyve gone through or are going.through …..Thank GOD for freedom of speech!!!

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