BREAKING: Fuhriman and DeVille found alive

(Sheridan, Wyo.) – The missing pair in the Bighorns who have been missing since the weekend have been found alive.

Johnson County Sheriff Steve Kosizek said Search & Rescue teams have found Lander native Blake Fuhriman, 23, and Alissa DeVille, 22, alive this afternoon. Fuhriman was located by teams in a valley near Black Tooth Mountain and was flown out of the area to Johnson County Hospital. “He is doing well,” Kosizek said. He is up and walking around.

Fuhriman was reportedly able to the direct search teams to DeVille who was on Black Tooth Mountain with an injured leg. Due to her location and weather conditions, she could not be immediately flown out. Personnel might have to pack her out to a spot where a helicopter can reach her, and that might have to wait until tomorrow morning. “Safety comes first for us,” Kosizek said. Regardless, SAR crews are staying with her, feeding her and keeping her warm, he said.

What exactly happened is still to be determined, Kosizek said. Due to the recentness of the discovery, he still did not have all of the details.



  1. Kristie Kesy

    Oh thank god!

  2. Jerry Gilland

    The mountains are oh so beautiful, but can be so deadly

  3. Christine Miller Lutterman

    Many thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Search and Rescue team, dozens of volunteers, and the prayers of so many for these two great people!!!

  4. Rita Rita

    Thank the Lord, Search and Rescue, and all the many prayer warriors!

  5. Carolyn Renner

    Happy Ending for all! Thank you to the SAR!!

  6. Julie Glenn

    Thank God!

  7. Bobbie Litton

    Thank God both of them were found!

  8. Hope Bostick

    Thank you God!!!

  9. Dennis Baxter

    It is great to know they were found, thanks to all those praying for them

  10. Dennis Baxter

    And a great big thank you to the SAR team, God Bless you all

  11. Casey Hall

    Very well said Jerry, And it's just so easy to get lost in the mountains and get lost without a very good gps and even with a gps such a great chance of getting lost.

  12. Dave Landreth

    Fantastic! I've met the couple before and had little doubt that they would make it out to safety – he struck me as a very competent young man. This is great news – kudos to the SAR folks and all of their hard work!

  13. Joy Woods

    God is alive

  14. Ginny Carlson Warren

    So relieved…Such a great young man and his mom is one of my very original Krewe members from the beginning…Thank you to all the heroic efforts of search and rescue folks….now I can sleep tonight.

  15. Janice Nicol Shanks

    All our prayers are answered once again! Alissa is my cousins daughter, and as sweet as she is beautiful. Praise th Lord they are both safe & sound….or both will be shortly. Soooooo did she say YES? Love you guys.

  16. Devon D Day

    Very thankful they are alive and safe was very upsetting to hear with so many bad things hopping in the world today, SAR thanks for a great job you are apriciated to the moon :))

  17. Robin Traugh Walker

    Praying thier future together is just a little less eventful! Glad u both are safe Blake, can't wait to meet your lucky lady?

  18. Lesley Robeson

    Thank you Lord!

  19. Lindsey Stewart

    Thanks be to our God, we were praying for this couple.

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