Cause of Death Determined on Yellowstone Concession Employee

(Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.) – The autopsy has been completed on a Yellowstone concession employee whose body was found in the Old Faithful area earlier this week.

The autopsy determined that the cause of death was suicide.

Kassandra “Kassie” Wieferich was reported missing after failing to meet a family member on August 26 and after missing several shifts at work.

After a brief search Tuesday evening, August 26, the body of the 21 year old Twin Bridges, Montana, woman was found in the Old Faithful Lodge area.

–Provided by Yellowstone National Park


  1. Tawny Stager

    Prayers and thoughts to all the family!!

  2. Marianne Zura

    Did YNP confer with the family to make sure that they wanted this determination published so soon after her death? Or are they just wanting to clear their name ASAP and took it upon themselves to reveal the cause as soon as they could? I didn't know this young lady and was saddened and curious as to what happened but if I had had to wait longer to know, so the family could grieve the shock of the situation, it would have seemed more appropriate. There is no such thing as privacy in our world of instant information and gratification. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this young woman.

  3. Addy Ivie

    Marianne, the Freedom of Information Act does not allow the coroner or medical examiner to withhold information regardless of the family's wishes. Certain information including name, cause of death, manner of death, and relevant toxicology can be obtained by anyone that requests it and that is normally the media.

  4. Randy Ray

    Here's some cheese for that WHINE!

  5. Marianne Zura

    Randy Ray what an *sshat. Considering your age I can make concessions for your comment, son. There's nothing whiney about asking for consideration of a family during a tragedy. When you get older you may understand, unless you don't age emotionally.

  6. Marianne Zura

    Thanks for the info, Addy. I wasn't aware of that. I appreciate the explanation.

  7. Randy Ray

    Son?? At least I don't look like a dog!

  8. Randy Ray

    Marianne Zura I have forgotten more than you will ever know

  9. Lily Castaldo Parmelee

    My thoughts go out to the family that they may have strength at this time and peace soon.

  10. Carol Eckley

    I don't know Randy but he shouldn't be allowed on facebook. Some people just don't care and have no compassion. Sounds like he is one.

  11. Susan Hardy

    I hope that anyone that feels like suicide is the only way to get out of their pain will go get help. Depression is real, feeling like you just can't survive another day is real, but after you get help, you will soon realize that life is worth living again! My heart goes out to this girls family and friends! It is so tragic to lose someone!

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