Wyoming-based cable series ‘Longmire’ canceled after 3 seasons

(Wyoming) – A&E Network has announced that it is canceling popular Wyoming-based show Longmire. The show is near the end of its third season, and national news reports that it will not return to the network for a fourth.

“We would like to thank the phenomenal cast, crew and producers of Longmire, along with our partners at Warner Horizon, for their tireless work on three seasons of quality dramatic storytelling,” A&E said in a statement. “We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together.”

The show is based off Wyoming author Craig Johnson’s popular western detective series.

Multiple sources indicate that the show could be shopped around to other networks for the fourth season.


  1. Anna Weber

    I remember meeting Robert Fuller at the airport in Riverton in 1971 – he had come in for the One-shot Antelope Hunt. What a nice person he is. ~ A

  2. Nancy Johnson

    Time to boycott A&E they took off the only good show they have/had

  3. Emily Williams

    Good idea lets boycott A&E.

  4. Emily Williams

    one of the best shows on the TV.

  5. Folger Cleaveland

    Love the show. It led me to the books, which I also love. Hope it gets picked up by another network and continued.

  6. Suzanne Brousseau

    oh no, can't cancel this show – one of the best modern westerns around

  7. Kimberly Kirk Clark


  8. Suzanne Brousseau

    leaves us hanging as no ending

  9. Donna Thompson

    I agree, the best show on and great books. I hope that it will be broadcast on another channel. Seems like the Cable TV gods are eliminating all the good programming on A &E and the RFD channel.

  10. Jean Mathisen Haugen

    I didn't get the A&E channel, but have gotten "hooked" on the books and truly hope another network will pick up this series. The books are very good.

  11. Linda Parker Howdyshell

    No Way!!! That's criminal!!!! We love that show!!!! So hooked on it!! We record every episode so we can watch again during the 'off season!.
    Let's hope another network picks them up!!

  12. Iris Crawford


  13. Kay Hammer

    It is on Netflix so you could watch it again

  14. Sandra Hedges

    My family all liked Longmire. The best show A & E had. It's said only the GOOD die young, only 3 seasons. Too Bad.

  15. Stacey Lyn Meeks- Pantle

    So sad! What a great series

  16. Sue Givens

    Comments can be left on a TVLine.com .It will show support so the series can be picked up by another network.

  17. Sue Givens

    The books are available on the Wyoming state library site in audio.

  18. Charlie Sue Krebs

    Poor decision. Hopefully some other cable network will pick up this well written series.

  19. Sam Mccleary

    Why cancel a great show when so many others that are not worth watching are still on. Longmire was a family show everyone enjoyed. I hope another network picks it up. A & E has lost a customer with me as I hope others feel the same.

  20. Robyn Meeks

    NO…..Love that show!

  21. Gerald Eaton

    why is a&e so stupid.? I and others love the show. why stop now????????????.

  22. Karla Cooper

    They are taking the best show that they had on TV. Ill never watch that channel again Boring station.

  23. Jeannie Patchett-Downs

    Please bring it back!!!!!! Loved the show

  24. Pat Heller Sundheim

    Boo, hiss. Such a great show and no swearing. Can't believe it. Get rid of some of the shows that give our kids a wrong impression on how to treat people.

  25. Echo Klaproth

    Man what a sad day.

  26. Blanche Heller Plovanic

    The best series on TV and then they cancel it. What a bunch of idiots.

  27. Cecelia Cec Graham Adams

    We love Longmire‼️ Should have been on a major channel to begin with.

  28. Carol Eckley

    My husband will be sad…

  29. Mary Ann Butterfield

    My husband is the kiss of death for this one, he watched it and liked it, as have the few other shows he would watch over the years.

  30. Patricia VanHorn Aldridge

    Ya, I really liked this show. It figures something good and interesting to watch.

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