Man who threatened to shoot at police caught without incident near Boysen

(Shoshoni, Wyo.) – A Hot Springs County man making suicidal and homicidal threats to the Thermopolis Police Department was apprehended on the west side of Boysen State Park in Fremont County late this morning.

The suspect was identified as 59-year-old John Daniel “JD” Dodge of Thermopolis.

Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee said the man had allegedly made threats to the Thermopolis Police that he was going to drive into town and begin shooting police officers. He then headed toward Fremont County. According to earlier intercepted radio traffic, the man had allegedly threatened suicide by police.

After his pickup was spotted west of Shoshoni, the man drove onto the west side of the state park near Fremont Bay; he was apprehended without incident.

Lee said the man would be charged in Fremont County with being a felon in possession of a firearm and for making terroristic threats. He was immediately transported to the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander and his vehicle was impounded.

A hand gun was reportedly found in the man’s pickup.


  1. Lisa Dodge

    Bipolar depression and alcohol! A system that has failed to help him. All better now, just lock him up! Still no help?!

  2. Carol Sessions Sheets

    hopefully he will get some help this time. thoughts and prayers are with you, Lisa..

  3. Jody Legerski Carter

    I am sad to have read this. I will be keeping you and Jd in my prayers. A favorite saying…"Dont tell God how big your storm is. Tell your storm how big your God is." Blessings and peace to you and your family.

  4. Dave Larson

    There are many people that are bipolar who don't threaten to kill cops. The system starts with family, why did his family ignore him til this happened?

  5. Lanette Carter

    Until you walk in those shoes and carry that burden Dave Larson don't judge please.

  6. Vickie Ward

    omg.. praying he gets some help somehow I am wow with this sorry Lisa Dodge love you and have you in my prayers.

  7. Ron Richardson

    JD has had a chip on his shoulder sine he got out of prison. I cut my ties with him after my brother Donnie ' s funeral. He acted as if he did nothing wrong to Bruce & Cecilia ' s daughter. His mother, my aunt wouldn't be proud of him. Send him back to prison.

  8. Carol Sessions Sheets

    do you know how many years i fought my daughters bipolar and put her in treatment facilities 3 times beginning at 13 years of age. just because someone is bipolar and makes threats doesnt mean the family failed!!

  9. Carol Sessions Sheets

    why was he is prison, if you know?

  10. Dave Larson

    I carry the burden as being part of "the system" referred to. If the families took care of their own we would not have to lock up these poor misunderstood people. Once the make a criminal act they are no longer bipolar, they are now criminals and are treated as such. Why did the family refuse to keep him safe, make sure he takes his meds and keeps him off the alcohol. So much easier to blame "the system" for the families failures.

  11. Dave Larson

    I know Carol, but to blame the system is not right either.

  12. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    Dave Larson, everything you said as a fact is true. However, until you have walked a mile in the shoes of the family, you truly don't understand what it take to make sure they take their meds, keep them safe and keep them off alcohol. I am telling you, you truly don't know.

  13. Carol Sessions Sheets

    Dave Larson i agree

  14. Lanette Carter

    I guess what I am saying Dave is this is not the time or the place to put blame on the family. They are victims also and suffer along with their loved ones. Mental illness needs to be addressed in our country and more measures taken to help these families. There is way too little done now and I know the system tries but their hands are tied in many ways also.

  15. Carol Sessions Sheets

    Dave Larson i know most families hope in a situation like this that they will finally get the help they need. if a judge would just order them to treatment, it wouldnt cost the family and they would have to stay there since the judge ordered it. i think this is what families mean when they say the system failed them.

  16. Ron Richardson

    He wasn't bipolar when he committed his first felony.

  17. Dave Larson

    Bobbie, I do know, I am a police officer. I get the call when the family can no longer handle "the problem". Than when I take action I get blamed for not caring and having a broken system. When they closed the mental health hospitals because of people not liking that system it placed the mentally ill on the streets across the nation taxing "the system" all the more. There is no easy answer. But if a bipolar person points a gun at me I will take action, I can not afford to ask if they have a mental illness prior to saving my life.

  18. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    Dave Larson , well, I am a dispatcher. I get the calls too. I actually talk to the families that make those calls. And I expect every officer I work with to go home to their families at the end of their shifts. But to blame the families, shows a lack of knowledge of what they go through to try to keep them safe, on their meds and off of alcohol. And obviously the officers that responded to this did a great job. They were threatened. If they had too take action, then so be it but obviously they used their knowledge and skills so they didn't have to take lethal action. Kudos to every officer that made this happen.

  19. Carol Sessions Sheets

    how do you know that?

  20. Dave Larson

    Bobby, I don't lack the knowledge, but to blame the "system" off the bat is irresponsible.

  21. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    I would rather see him locked up than dead. We can't make them takes meds, we can't make them stay clear of alcohol. They can't be a threat to everyone else out there.

  22. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    Dave Larson , to blame the family is also irresponsible.

  23. Dave Larson

    It starts at the family Bobbie, once again the institutions for mentally Ill have become a thing of the past. The family needs to come up with the solution rather than "the system".

  24. Ron Richardson

    Are U a sister to Mickey or Phil? A daughter? Ask them

  25. Carol Sessions Sheets

    Ron Richardson yes but they wouldnt know if he was bipolar. it isnt something you can see in someone.

  26. Brigette Bybee

    "They" didn't close the mental health hospitals and assistance facilities because of people not liking the system Mr. Larson!!! They closed facilities due to lack of funding and republican support!! The mentally ill have been FORCED into communities that can't carry the load, and by default, improperly treated ill end up in crime! A properly counseled and medicated bi-polar, schizophrenic, or any other mentally ill will have that desire/mental capacity to make the right decisions to abide by the law. It is not always their choice to do wrong, it is the disease, or voices, or other variables that push that envelope. There is a definite failure in the BIG picture system that has thrown away the ill before they are invested in. Sorry Dave, I don't know you, I am grateful for your service and your family sacrifices for your job too. I have a strong passion for those that can't always think for themselves, let alone act honorably as much as their critical thinking, when available, wants them to. If you do not have a personal experience with being responsible for the severely mentally ill, please don't assume just being a cop qualifies you. If a judge won't court order med compliance, and there's no medical assistance via affordable counseling, assisted living or instutionalization, a family member can't enforce medical compliance on a grown ass person that is in crisis! AND things happen, bodies change, meds need adjusting and family members aren't qualified, even with classes and training, to make the changes needed to keep things stable without medical intervention. PLEASE PLEASE reconsider your righteousness on it being ALL the family's fault when something goes awry. It is offensive! You HAVE to admit, that EVERY force out there deserves and needs adequate CRISIS INTERVENTION training. It really can prevent a WHOLE lot of undue stress for everyone involved. Empathy is free, and sometimes can even make things safer when delicately implemented, as I am sure the officers involved in bringing this person and the community to safety. That after all is the ultimate goal, not tagging your next criminal!

  27. Brigette Bybee

    hell, I'm surprised you aren't blaming the mentally ill themselves. Oh wait, their eventual criminal record after inadequate treatment because families can't afford or acquire it in the middle of nowhere brings the blame. nevermind.

  28. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    I hope he never has to deal with this situation i his family, but it is obvious he thinks family can whip a magic wand out of their a** and things will be all better. He may live to find out.

  29. Dave Larson

    Bobbie, I don't have a magic wand but if I did I would make a resolution to the mental health problems.. we will not agree tonight on the correct cure but our liberal government has taxed the "system" enough. So, where did he get that fun he was in posession of?

  30. Brigette Bybee

    Wherever you dispatch at Bobbie, I am grateful there is a compassionate, mindful thinker on your end to help navigate the needy in your community. YOU are in the power spot frankly, on how you send these officers/emt's etc out and under the info you relay, imo anyway. Thanks for your heart!

  31. Lanette Carter

    We love Bobbie Kysar Colvin and appreciate her compassion and dedication to her job.

  32. Carol Sessions Sheets

    just like a man who beats his stepson with a belt across his back at night and the kid goes to school the next day. nobody knows that his step dad was an alcoholic

  33. Ron Richardson

    No.. ask them what he did

  34. Lanette Carter

    They don't check to see if a person has a mental illness before they allow them to have guns and felons can get guns without a lot of trouble. Pick up at yard sales or just buy from someone on the listings on facebook. No checks there

  35. Christy Colson

    I like how everyone on here are referring to people with bipolar disorder as they and them. Its not like people with mental illness are a seperate KIND of person. I am bipolar and I choose to take my meds. My family can't make me take my meds. It is my choice. To blame the family is ridiculous and to blame the system is ridiculous also. It us an unfortunate situation, just leave it at that.

  36. Brigette Bybee

    Dave, A 32 yr old Iraq vet, served 3 tours before being injured. suffers PTSD, anxiety, and depression, triple whammy, thanks to war & possibly some genetics, anyway with no family to speak of, he enlisted because of it. He got a little VA help when he recovered physically, again inadequate. That;s been exposed now, no hiding it. In time he tries to engage in life, with the encouragement of the monthly counseling he does manage to get. He's eagerly compliant to get well, or at least manage life. Next step is integration with outside, community, life, engage enough to partake in a small county fair country music concert. Not a head banging heavy metal gig at an amphitheatre. Well, then the lights and a "harmless" riff by the band sets him into a trigger he'd not experienced in a long time and he must leave. just. must. leave. he struggles to his car, and proceeds to snowball into dark and dangerous thoughts of self preservation at all costs and threatens those there to try to help him out of it, including the police. He surely comes off horrible, that survivalist soldier has come out. Diffused, if possible, he is given help. Antagonized & misunderstood- he could become a convicted murderer. Is he reallly a criminal? If you think so, you definitely do not have the knowledge. Mental illness is not always controllable by family or even compliant patients.

    Someone I love suffers seizures, a brain disorder, affects all things from conscious/delusions/judgements/flight or fight and so much more. Sometimes not even knowing who they really are. After a seizure the disorientation and delusion can last from 3 minutes to 3 days. Even medicated and treatment compliant, breakthrough seizures happen and are unpredictable, and even dangerous behavior can follow. We pray that a family member picks up indicators and makes safety precautions in time. Yes, there are tools and words that are more effective than others, THAT is KNOWLEDGE. It is not cut & dry sir, and the families struggle for life to do the best by their loved ones that they can afford, physically, emotionally, and financially, so blaming us kinda does piss me off!

    I definitely do NOT dismiss a family's (when there is one!) responsibility in being caregivers and the duty to educate themselves (and sometimes even their local social services and police agencies in their community) on game plans, protocol, treatments, response plans, life goals. I commend your passion, I just ask that you consider some gray areas in such a complex issue for MANY of your fellow neighbors. I heartily agree many families (most in some communities ;) ) are negligent when it comes to caregiving for their family members in need. The systems need overhauls, restructuring, funding, and mgmt, no denying it! and I am sure we agree that the moral compass of the families in America needs an overhaul too. Thank you for your time, and I hope you may have a better understanding, after all it's not just the family, it's the village that it takes, for all of us.

  37. Brigette Bybee

    Some people can't say "we" or "I" Christy. It's no disrespect, just a pronoun. I often say "they" or "them" to avoid being gender specific out of respect to an ill person's privacy. As to your point of blaming, I totally agree it is too complex of a situation for any of it to be that simple. It takes a village whether the blamers want to admit it or not. It ALL starts with US, even those that admit to be a part of the system in which in the next breath (or comment) they say is defunct. At least they got one thing right, a fraction of accountability like the rest of us take. Peace on your journey and hopefully successful treatment plan, I know it can be a constant struggle in the dark times.

  38. Kristian Mehalek

    Corruption is a very big thing when it comes down to small town justice. The police think they are hirer then the law. So go on and ramble on all you want but we all know this is the truth.

  39. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    thank you Lanette Carter and Bridgette Bybee!

  40. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    And Dave Larson knows that, or at least he should….

  41. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    And no, Dave Larson, we won't agree today, tonight or probably any other time in our lives.

  42. Dixie F Vialpando

    Ron shut up…what ur spouting in the familys business! Not ours! No matter what u think u know or heard as a child probably has nothing to do with this situation… I certainly dont know why he would have done this so im not sure why anyone else thinks they do! Meds bipolar or anything else we ALL fight our own demons some way! Others just better than some….so what u hav done is just added guilt to the fire so stop it!!! JMO

  43. Lillie Marie Smith

    Holy Moly,hope everyone is safe.

  44. Ron Richardson

    He is family, so u don't know what the he'll you're talking about.

  45. Dave Larson

    As long as Bobbie won't let the argument of mental illness end, let's bring up the mental illness issues of his 15 year old victim. Because of this mans "problem" (google his name and you can see all) he has most likely caused depression in his victim. May he be haunted every day of his life for what he has done to that innocent soul. I hope that she had the family support to deal with what has been done to her and her night terrors, the sight of his face and the fears of men have gone away. As part of the criminal justice system Bobbie should also feel for the victim, maybe more than the suspect in this case.

  46. Dixie F Vialpando

    His issues belong to him and his not for u to air on social media for everyone to judge

  47. Carol Sessions Sheets

    who is bobbie

  48. Carol Sessions Sheets
  49. Katie Payseno

    I think that some of these comments are extremely uncalled for. You don't actually know what a family member goes thru til you have been thru it. I went thru a situation exactly 2 years ago so my heart goes out to him and his family.And for those that have cut ties obviously you haven't if your commenting on this. I know JD and lisa on a personal level and this isn't him JD is the kind that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

  50. Dave Larson

    Read the other posts Carol. Bobbie is this guts sympathizer

  51. Catherine Howerton

    He is my neighbor and he is a very scary person.

  52. Catherine Howerton

    I am mentally ill too, but this is more than mental illness. He is a scary person. He invited me to his house to help me deal with my burden as caretaker and then he tried to take my clothes off. I ran out as fast as I could.

  53. Carol Sessions Sheets

    Catherine Howerton did you call the police?

  54. Slynjyn Peterson

    "Terroristic threats"? He sounded like he had a mental illness to me too. He should have been taken to the nut hut (like they did with me when I strangled a doctor). Cops over use that terroristic thing every chance they get, to justify brutality.

  55. Anne Dodge

    JD Dodge is not Bi-polar! He is just very unhappy person, he is not being himself w/Lisa or anyone! And so badly he wants that freedom to be oneself! He is a Felon for the reason of child molestation w/more then just Bruce&Cecilia's daughter. He just never got caught in Washington Before he ruined there daughter's life. What I mean by ruined is anyone that has ever had their innocence rip away from their LIFE has lost who God made them to be! I always Loved JD, until he took the innocence away from my daughter! I could not be w/JD anymore, which@ that time totally destroyed everything I thought was FOREVER ! So what Ron posted is truth! I'll stand on that forever! Anyone have any question about this, PLEASE feel free to ask ME! May God be with you, JD!

  56. Catherine Howerton

    Yes, I told Lou.

  57. Catherine Howerton

    I got sexually aggressive with me too. I went to the police and they told me to just stay away from him. And now I here he has a gun. I am scared.

  58. Anne Dodge

    Add a comment…I'm so so sorry that you had to deal w/these sexual aggressive crap of his ! now that the police didn't respond to you As Serious, they have bigger problems on there hands! God be w/ all the children&women that has to go thru this!

  59. Amber Marie Naumann-Finley

    Hey katie he'd give the shirt off his back? Really cause he victimized(molested and exposed himself) to a 11 yr old girl back in wa for damn near a yr b4 she finally had the courage to turn him in and he ran and tried hiding out b4 he found out wyoming was looking for him and he turned himself in. He took away that little girls innocence and family! She was yanked out of her home and placed in fostercare as if she was the criminal. So how is that fucking justice? did he ever get charged in wa? NO! So where's the justice in that? He deserves to rot in prison for what he's done and for what he is! He's a danger to all female children.

  60. Amber Marie Naumann-Finley

    He wasn't bipolar he was a pedophile from the beginning! Believe me I have first hand knowledge! He was my moms husband at the time of his first known offense in wyoming. I loved him at first and he was good to us and then his true self showed!

  61. Bobbie Kysar Colvin

    Dave, I am not the one that let it go. You are obviously one of those people that don't want anyone to have the last word Of course I feel for hte victims. My comments were not made towards any victims. They were made toward someone who is ignorant enough to claim to be law enforcement, but makes stupid statements like, " the family doesn't eep them safe, make sure they take their meds, and keep them away from alcohol." There is continuing education available. My advice is that you avail yourself on some. Yep, I Googled you too. I am proud to work for an agency who researches their employees with an extensive background investigation and psychological testing. The person that is in this article is truly a piece of work, but that doesn't give one the liberties to blame the families of ALL mentally ill people for the things that are done. There comes a point when the mentally ill person has to take come reponsibility for taking their meds, for staying away from alcohol AND illegal drugs, etc. I a done with this article, so you can post away. There is NO WAY you are going to quit posting……

  62. Carol Sessions Sheets

    Amber Marie Naumann-Finley so sorry for your experience with him. lets hoope you got out without too many scars

  63. Lynn Jewell O'Connell

    Noooo! :>) Dave, I wouldn't expect you to be presumptuous regarding situations involving mentally ill persons any more than you would wish us to jump to conclusions over situations with law enforcement. Families have tremendous challenges trying to get care for loved ones whose brains are ill because for some reason people seem really slow to accept that the brain is actually, newsflash, part of the body. Stuff can go wrong in the brain just as easily as the heart or the stomach. Why the ridiculous stigma?

  64. Brigette Bybee

    Lynn Jewell O'Connell nailed it. Thank you so much Lynn!

  65. Dave Larson

    Amber, I am deeply sorry for your victimization from this guy. Glad to see you are a survivor and that he is long behind you. I would hate to see someone diagnose him as being bipolar to excuse him from his ongoing victimization even after he has been released from prison for other prior bad acts. Thank you for your insight.

  66. Ron Richardson

    DIXIE.. DID happen when I was a child. U know nothing

  67. Ron Richardson


  68. Ron Richardson

    The police should warn people of sexual predators

  69. Ron Richardson

    And now the truth comes out.

  70. Brigette Bybee

    Anne, I am so very sorry for your family's experience, I sincerely am. I too, have experienced sexual abuse, myself, and also nurtured family members through healing. I just want you to know, IN NO WAY in my comments, I minimized any aspect of this JD guy's actions, I don't even know facts regarding the case in any way. My comments are completely directed towards the mental health comments and the lack of professionalism and empathy in understanding of brain disorders, people don't always warrant criminalization while in crisis. Families of the mentally ill are bound with limitations. And, most definitely so many victims (hopefully changing to survivors) ultimately fall into the poorly funded mental illness system, the one in which I rally for. You can bet somebody at one time violated JD as well, and he dealt with it to become an abuser instead of heal. Doesn't excuse a damn thing, and I hope in his case, he does get locked up ~ doesn't matter to me where, as pedophiles are an ultimate deal breaker. The fact that he is a released felon with a gun, meaning another chance was given, and he knew his limits from a gun for starters, he did become a criminal at that point imo , not a mental health priority. anyway, I got too involved in specifics lol, just want to give you my sympathy, and my support for the journey of finding the best life after tragedy. peace to you. ps, Catherine, how horrible you have had to add the stress of his behavior to your life. I hope you can get some family and/or community support.

  71. Brigette Bybee

    Ron Richardson you are so right. I can type in my address online and get every registered sex offender in my community! Anywhere in the state damn it! WY covers up waaaay too much! Megan's law doesn't mean squat there. I had to put an ad in the paper when i lived there about a guy that was released from prison as well, pedophile moved from Kansas in with his father. The elementary school principal didn't even know, and they didn't lock their doors all day, right into the kindergarten room! middle of nowhere, next to the highway. easy grab.

  72. Ron Richardson

    I had no reason to lie.

  73. Brigette Bybee

    Bobbie Kysar Colvin exactly. My frustration has been with Dave's poor choice of words about the mental illness points, not even having to do directly with this case. thank you for clarifying it. I too, hope to be done. Made my point and my peace ;) nice chattin with y'all! ha

  74. Ron Richardson

    And don't ever tell me to shut up

  75. Brigette Bybee

    Amber Marie Naumann-Finley I am truly sorry for your experience with him. I am proud of your strength in sharing it with us. I commented on your mother's post as well. May you all find peace in the journey to wellness. Blessings to you.

  76. Lisa Dodge

    Dave Larson he was put on seroquil three weeks ago by a psychiatrist at wyoming behavioral institute in Casper. He has been calling to talk to counselors and psychiatrists nonstop for a week. There are only 5 shrinks in WY at this time. Counselors are also booked. The seroquil was causing him to be very depressed. He even called the suicide hotline several times and was put on hold. So, he went to what he know best, alcohol. The como is deadly! He did not know that. I am not referring to the justice system, I am referring to the medical system. If you are a physician I am sorry I caused you to be upset. If you are in law or police thank you for your service. My father is retired from NJ police department and he is JDs best friend and father in law.

  77. Dawn Slye

    Thank you for sharing. I wish people would listen with thier hearts and not with judgments.

  78. Cindy Ramsey Casciato

    Dixie, why would you tell Ron or anyone to shut up? That's just rude. Ron is entitled to his opinion and this is his family member so he can say anything he wants to. You are quite good at giving your opinion so why would you deny that right to someone else. What he is saying is a matter of public record anyway. Having said that though, I do feel bad for Jd and his family for this recent incident.

  79. Ron Richardson

    The drugs won't help him being a predator

  80. Ron Richardson

    From being a predator

  81. Dawn Slye

    Ron what are your intentions to make his family feel so bad. Its time to lay this to rest. give the family some very need peace. I'ts done . If you are really that worried That write your senter's they are the ones who veto;s the help that people need. Maybe is we made this much noise to our government maybe then something would get done. Words hurt and you can never take back what you say. I think she has suffered enough . don't you?

  82. Amber Marie Naumann-Finley

    Bridgett anne isn't my mom she was jds 2nd wife my mom was his third. He talked my mom into marrying him after he found out wyoming was extraditing him from wa to wyoming and so she couldnt testify against him in wa for his crimes against me. its a long complicated story with a history of alcohol and drugs on his part and him getting my mom Messed up with the crap also. He deserves everything he gets. do I feel bad for him? To a point because that's just how I am. is it fair that he did what he did and now I suffer from ptsd and suffer from severe depression and anxiety? Hell no! All I got to say is welcome to my world of mental illness Jd! Now maybe u know what I have felt and dealted with for the past 20yrs since I was 11yrs old!

  83. Jeni Gutierrez

    Hi! This is all a bunch of lies! Anne…aka carol, my mother! You have some nerve to post stuff like this on Facebook! You have lost your mind! I am his daughter and find it rude, crude and unexceptable for these lies to be put on blast! As far as this other Catherine lady…if my dad was aggressive towards you, why in the hell did you keep going over to his house! Are you people that bored in your own pathetic lives that you have the need to mess with others! If the police were called about my dad being aggressive towards you, why wasn't anything done about it! Get a life or get laid…but my dad or his amazing wife should not apart of all of your boredom! As far as you, mom…wow! You sure are quick to put your two cents in, when all you ever want to know is how dad is doing, or what his number is! Let's not get into your criminal history! Mind your own business! And live your own life! Do any of you that feel the need to bark your opinion.. think of what his wife is going thru, or perhaps his kids! Use your heads! Its that lump…3 feet above your asses!

  84. Dixie F Vialpando

    Oh! I certainly apologize for my choice of words…my bad!! I truely believe a persons past is their own to deal with and it is not our right to know everything about everything or everybody!!! No one but jd knows why he did THIS and social media is not the place to judge his "skeletons" to matter what they are! Know the saying about the shoe on the other foot?

  85. Jeni Gutierrez

    Its amazing how all you talk your crap! And still want to be apart of his life! Don't be pointing fingers when you have fingers pointing back at you. Amber, your mom was not tricked into marrying my dad! That's a lie! I was there for the whole thing! I love you sister, but your lying! And you know it!

  86. Jeni Gutierrez

    Ask you what!

  87. Jeni Gutierrez

    Here's what's weird, is this article is about my dad attempting suicide.. and all you fake ass people are not seeing this! Amazing what this world is becoming!

  88. Brigette Bybee

    Amber Marie Naumann-Finley ok, I follow that. It's all complex and not something to be debated online of things lol. for anybody. There are always sooo many factors to these type of events, and whether someone was ever properly diagnosed and when and what happens when not properly treated is tragic. Exactly what happened here from what his current wife is saying. Begging for help and never getting it sucks too. May you all get some closure and work on your own needs and JD's journey now includes more legal and hopefully mental attention. NOthing is worse than being at-risk and risk of others with an unstable person, no matter the cause.

  89. Amber Marie Naumann-Finley

    I feel bad for his wife and his daughters(my sisters) they don't deserve this crap and yes it does suck that he's asked for help and didn't get it. Should I have kept my opinons to myself probably so but when people make excuses for his past crimes or why he did them is rediculous! He knew what he was doin was wrong and he still did it. For what he's in trouble for now it is sad cause he may not of done it if his medication was corrected and if he was able to talk to I want to see him harmed etc after everything? No cause I know it would break my sisters hearts!

  90. Brigette Bybee

    that is very mature of you, and shows you have empathy in your heart. It is a better path of life to not let negativity rule you. I am very much on the fence about if SOME violators can be rehabbed, and idk his past treatment plan to judge. But if he'd been newly medicated, it does mean he's in A treatment program, meaning some problems are being addressed. Seroquel is rough, and also diagnosis specific, wrong label=wrong drug. I can attest to the INSANE roller coaster of introducing and stabilizing psych drugs with patients. It is unfortunate. At least with my loved one's epilepsy & seizures, he is required a 5 day 24/7 hospital stay to monitor acceptance. The lack of funding and closing of facilities doesn't allow that to happen for "just" mental dx. That's the hugely deficient system that gets stuck in my crawl. Good luck to you and your fam too, sincerely.

  91. Lanette Carter

    Reading through this is saddens me. I see so many that just want to get the last word in or dig as if they want to hurt someone. The ones getting hurt are JD and most of all, his IMMEDIATE family so please, stop. They don't deserve it.

  92. Catherine Howerton

    That is true. I also take Seroquel. This is not about medication or mental illness. This is about JD's criminal behavior. JD did a terrible thing to me and I can never forgive him. He is a sexual predator and will hurt someone again. His behavior towards me is proof of that.

  93. Brigette Bybee

    That is a very unfortunate response that "lou" gave you Catherine. There should have been a report filed, were you asked/offered?, and possibly an arrest… there's a start where "somebody's" system failed. Oh how things snowball when negligence prevails. wow. so sad.

  94. Catherine Howerton

    Thank you for the support Brigette. I told two police officers. The first one was younger and I don't know who he was. He told me that since I willingly went over to his house and was not "actually assaulted" there was not much he could do. I then told Lou, and he took the time to investigate JD's past for me.

  95. Loraine Bernier-Strnad

    Quit given out excuse for being a LOSSER. Ask, the poor young girls what kind of life they can look forward to. So, let the police shoot the A s-HOLE pay the price.

  96. Carol Sessions Sheets

    i think ron has alot of skeletons in his closet and to make someone else look bad it makes him look better. time to give it up ron. lets diagnose your skeletons ok?

  97. Lisa Dodge

    Last post, JD dodge is not a predator! He had legal consentual relations in co with a young girl who came on to him. Get the facts before you attempt to further ruin someone's life! Hateful x wives full of lies!
    Ask his children if you want answers! It's no ones business anyway! A will be praying for the few hateful people who commented without the correct info. Open your bibles and go to church. You need it more than anyone!

  98. Jeni Gutierrez

    Just a thought on all this my mom had said…here she is talking about how horrible a person my dad is…yet she has been divorced from him for almost a lifetime… her last name is not legally Dodge… why carry my dads last name on Facebook…

  99. Julie Hawkins Lehman

    OMG!! Catherine! Just because you went to his house voluntarily does NOT mean a damn thing. And you were assaulted. He tried to remove your clothes against your will. I am so sorry that happened to you.

  100. Joy Flood Whitneybell

    This what I know. JD is my cousin and he made a terrible mistake when he was 40. He went to prison and paid his time. When you return to society as a felon for a mistake you made did your time the majority of society does not forgive, they will not help you or employ you. JD has been talking to mr about sucicide for a year and half. I have tried to help him. Thermopolis and other parts of Wyoming was the worst place for him to live because of his past and unforgiveness of his

  101. Brigette Bybee

    welp, I now know that WY has an offender registry, a welcome change from when I left there almost 10 yrs ago. … it really is up to citizens to utilize the information when they are concerned about their neighbors. Knowledge is power. I might add, there is a difference between an offender and a predator ~ and yes, I am a survivor, and my abuser rehabbed from circumstances that were present over 30 yrs ago, that affected his judgement. It can happen.

  102. Joy Flood Whitneybell

    to finish …..of his crime. Many felons end up back in prison or committing suicide. JD left me a voice message at 8am on Friday "Cuz good bye it is a good day to dye".
    Wish I was able to pick up.

  103. Jeni Gutierrez

    You know nothing either Ron Richardson.. you are not family! Shut up Ron!

  104. Jeni Gutierrez

    He's my dad! He's a human being! Regardless of the past…everyone else has dealt with it and moved on…it may be wise for Anne Dodge to as well.. considering she is Carol Bernier., still using my dads last name! Sad day when everyone and anyone who has no idea what this family has gone thru…due to mom and dad! Have to wish death upon another human…and airing dirty laundry that doesn't pertain to why my dad is needing help! So sad to me!

  105. GentleBen Whitneybell

    I'm sorry Joy :( All my love <3

  106. Chris Barg Bentley

    Dave Larsen, you need to look in your own backyard. Why didn't your family stop you from doing what you did in Hot Springs County. You know what I am talking about. Tape at your exwife's lawyer???Don't point fingers as if you don't have problems!!

  107. Chris Barg Bentley

    Reading some of your other posts Dave Larsen, what about the guilt and shame of your victims? I am tired of you thinking you don't have any dirty little secrets. It is public record. So you better keep your mouth shut unless you want more of what I know!!!

  108. Terri Aumiller Naumann

    so sorry Jen I feel for you kids and his wife as you know I've been there call me if you need anything

  109. Anne Dodge

    I'm sorry but it is EVERYONE'S BUSINESS! For the safety of all the young little girls& younger women of Thermopolis,Wyoming! And I have No hate in my heart for JD. My CHILDREN were the same age as the young girl you are implying to. And FACTS are you have been misled by your wonderful husband! But, in time, you will come to reality. So Lisa, Don't expect the ppl of Thermopolis to ask MY CHILDREN questions they have no idea about. They to are dealing with denial of the truth that While he was out becoming a FELON, They were living life w/out a REAL DAD! So, Please watch what you are stating about MY CHILDREN! In time they will be able to see the reality of all this! I don't care how much they agree w/you now. It will come back to you. I have honestly opened my Bible lately in prayer for my Children & You! I got you covered Lisa! GOD BE With YOU always & Forever!

  110. Loraine Bernier-Strnad

    He is NOT HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Patricia Ornsbey

    I have 2 mentally ill daughters. The oldest is dangerous and I have not seen or heard from her in years. She was diagnosed as a sociopath and manic depressive. The medications to treat did not work together so they chose to treat neither illness. Being a sociopath means she can kill and not care and I got her out of the family to protect us all. She self medicates with alcohol and drugs but it helps her not at all. Not sure if she's even still alive. Other daughter is bi-polar with severe depression. She used alcohol to self medicate for years. She finally got herself help and is doing well. And you CAN see if a person is bi-polar. They are either way up or way down and can change attitudes in an instant. Night time is when it's the hardest on people who are bi-polar. They usually turn to alcohol to self medicate. What they put JD on is a very heavy duty anti-depressant that can take 2-4 weeks to really start to work properly for a person. It makes the person feel weird and most don't like it so don't continue to take it so it can begin to work as it should. JD is an adult and couldn't be babysat. He should have been held for 30 days in a mental facility but sounds like those are hard to find around here. Imagine that! What he was calling ADHD was most likely the bi-polar part because they have trouble sleeping. His past is his past and should be left there. I'm sure ALL of us have done something in our past we aren't proud of, whether we got caught or not! Leave the past be as the present and future are all that really matter. In reality, what has happened is a failure of the system AND family. He could have been committed somewhere had he gone to a doctor and begged for serious help. The system let him down by not hearing his cries for help and committing him. Then again, this is Wyoming. We have drug abuse centers but no mental health centers? I realize when a place is full it's full, but they couldn't find him help in Denver? Billings? Salt Lake? He broke the law in his final desperate cry for help and everything is a terrorist threat now instead of just a threat, so he's in jail and will probably go back to prison but maybe at least he will be made to take his medication and he can't drink so when he gets out, he will probably be a new person. I will give him the benefit of the doubt because I know about his mental illness up close and personal. I also know that for a lot of people, it's too hard to go say "I'm very depressed and I need medication" and that's unfortunate as depression is a real illness, not just something one can "shake off" and move on with and get over on their own. His wife is a very good person and I wish her,you, Lisa, the best. It's easy to kick someone when they're down yet it's just as easy to help them up and let them know that someone still cares. Easy to condemn when you aren't wearing the shoes of that person huh? Remember, what goes around comes around.

  112. Shawna Wiggins

    I don't know any of you!! But feel sorry for ALL if you! Be careful of what you say cause some day it might be one of your family members!

  113. Lily StClair Blackburn

    Damn ppl just shut ur mouths. Most of u probably don't even know this man. Quit judging!

  114. Lisa Dodge

    Wow, so many lies. And people willing to trash JDs life. This makes me very sad

  115. Jenn Clouse

    Lisa, people will judge without knowing the whole story.. I love you and jo is a good man. I would trust him around all my girls people are just jerks… I will pray for you and your family in this time of need… Love you both

  116. Jenn Clouse

    Jd stupid phone

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