Man bites woman’s lip off in fight, charged with domestic violence

(Lander, Wyo.) – Thirty-eight year-old WandoTarness of Crowheart was arrested early Tuesday morning in the 1500 block of East Monroe Avenue in Riverton, after Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of Tarness and a female subject fighting in the street. Upon arrival Tarness fled the area on foot, however he was eventually captured a short time later and charged with eluding.

An investigation into the altercation revealed that Tarness allegedly bit a large portion of the female victim’s upper lip off with his teeth. Tarness was also charged with Domestic Violence Battery due to the victim’s injuries and witness statements. After Tarness’ apprehension he was observed by law enforcement biting the exterior paint off of an RPD cruiser while being searched. Tarness was also observed biting the seats and interior trim of both an RPD vehicle and an FCSO Patrol Truck. Due to the damage caused by Tarness’ biting he was additionally charged with property destruction. Tarness was intoxicated at the time of his arrest.

–Provided by Fremont County Sheriff’s Office


  1. LaShay Miller

    Sounds like someone needs dome mental help

  2. Randy Ray

    Or fed

  3. Dede M Moffitt

    or a muzzle!

  4. Linda Jeffery

    Rabies"""" Anyone have him checked out???

  5. Marla Malone Martinsen

    Or needs to put the meth pipe down…

  6. Annette Woodmark

    Only way to check I think is by examining the brain in an autopsy for 100% confirmation. Other than that is to quarenteen him for 30 days and watch his symptoms. Definitely a psycho.

  7. Linda Jeffery

    Yeah think…I certainly hope he has to pay for damages to that girls face…I know he will have to pay damages to the vehicles…totally UNREAL…

  8. Amber Lindsay

    Wow!! Some people are crazy when they drink!! Hopefully that lady heals fast!!

  9. Josh Williams

    I wasn't aware that we had folks from the watchootoo tribe in Fremont.

  10. Tonya Bales


  11. Gary Hanson

    Should be taken to the vet to get a rabies shot…and put on a short leash.

  12. Linda Strock

    wow people ………..sure don't take you long to judge people. I personally know Wondo and there is most certainly another side to this story. buy the way lady in neveda he doesn't do meth

  13. Kendra Smith

    … and quite possibly on some type of illegal drug(s)!!!! Biting the victims lip off and paint and seats!!!

  14. Rex Hymens

    The pent up rage these people have is scary, he didn't get like this from one moment to another, he built up to this. He's probably been beating small animals, and then bigger ones, probably started slapping his girlfriend, until he got so violent he bit most of her upper lip of, I can only imagine how much that hurt. These people are a danger to our community, and if he assaults his girlfriend in public he probably doesn't give a f— who else he has to assault, to keep terrorizing the object of his affection. Lock this guy up, and I hope the chick doesn't "forgive" him, or feel sorry for him, and drop the charges.

  15. Jacquie Downey

    Oh please enlighten us. What possible be the other side of story. Was he just having a bad day

  16. Randy Ray

    Ok he smokes crack

  17. Cassie Lemley

    Watch out kids, bath salts are making a come back! Lmao the next time I wanna soak in the tub im gonna have to show ID for the dam salts lmao

  18. Rex Hymens

    Don't make excuses for a violent @sswhole.

  19. Rex Hymens

    The other side of the story is always. She made me do that to her, She brought it on herself, or I was just defending myself from her.

  20. Ekurth Warren

    maybe he was just hungry, give him a sammich!

  21. Tania Bernard-O'Neal

    UM, I also know Wondo personally and he is one of the nicest people and I've NEVER known him to hurt any animals (or anyone else…I know he's been jumped many times in the past though…) … I am not condoning anything that is alleged here…. also who said "meth' was invovled, and who said 'victim' was a 'lady'??? love it when people can spout stuff without knowing everything… oh that's right FC does. :/

  22. Emmalee Owens

    Obviously not a "man" to bite people at that!! I know the lady an she is "the nicest person I know" an no one deserves what he did to her!

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