BREAKING: Rock slide in Wind River Canyon

(Shoshoni, Wyo.) – A rock slide came tumbling down the canyon wall in Wind River Canyon late this afternoon near the Boysen Dam, causing a long back-up of traffic. Vehicles were able to negotiate around the slide debris with one lane of traffic before the debris could be cleared by WYODT. Fortunately, the WYDOT maintenance foreman was in the  Shoshoni Shop and a front end loader was en route there from Thermopolis, so the debris was cleared after about 20 minutes.

Former Riverton resident Phil Christopherson told that he came upon the scene just after it had happened and was able to negotiate his vehicle through the debris, “but other folks had stopped and there was backup.”

Rains have loosened rocks along the canyon wall. One vehicle was reportedly struck by a large rock, but there was no injury.


  1. Cheryl Heckart

    Its good that no one got hurt

  2. DeniseKen Binkley

    Thank the LORD above no one was injured or worse, killed. Be careful after heavy rains, those bolders have been there a long time, but are being weakened by heavy snow and rain. GOD BLESS WYOMING!

  3. Ken Christopherson

    I lived in wind river canyon in the 1960's.

  4. Leanne Hamblin Loveland

    I remember coming upon a boulder the size of a basketball. To avoid it would have put us in the river. Right over the top & my vehicle was bleeding out–literally. Pullout was close. Parked & hitched to thermop. Very scary & very blessed. Grateful no injuries today–let's stay watchful!!! :)

  5. Susan Meeker

    2 men from the Lander DEQ office barely escaped injury. They were right there when it started with 1 boulder falling in front of their vehicle and 1 right behind it.

  6. Larry Girven

    Glad no one got hurt.

  7. Marilee Rake

    Must have just missed this one. Passed through the canyon at about 4:00 moving my youngest son and grandson from Casper to Cody. Wow!

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