BREAKING: Injury crash being worked on West Main Street in Riverton

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Details are scarce at this hour, but law enforcement and medical personnel are at the scene of a personal injury crash on West Main Street in Riverton where a vehicle crashed into a chain link fence on High School Hill. Details in Wednesday’s Police Blotter. Thanks to Alisa Granger for the photo. “This happened right in front of me,” she said in an email to


  1. Gary Hanson

    Looks like the fence acted as a safety net.

  2. Sam Smith

    That dude was right behind me

  3. Sam Smith

    He was driving the middle line in my rearview mirror

  4. Trish Thorpe

    Good to hear "high school hill" again. I thought that term was long gone ;)
    … hope all will be ok.

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