Injury Prevention Resources shows that Fremont County Crashes are abundant; Don’t take the risk of Drinking and Driving.

(Fremont County, Wyo.) –

  • In Fremont County in 2013, there were 818 vehicle crashes. 73 of these crashes were alcohol related which killed three individuals. In addition, 31 alcohol related injury crashes resulted in 42 individuals injured.
  • Fremont County’s population is currently 41,110. The economic loss from these crashes reached $172,573,200.00. 
  • In this same year 269 adults were stopped for a DUI, and 15 youth were also stopped for a DUI.

The average DUI cost over 12,000 dollars, but the personal cost is much more:

Imagine telling your family you have been arrested, or you may have killed someone in a crash…

Imagine blowing into a tube every morning and planning life around a Breathalyzer every night…

Imagine having to tell your boss you need to leave in the middle of the work day for a probation appointment… every week for the next 3 years of your probation….

Plus, if you have to drive a company vehicle you may not be insurable and may be fired from your job.

You are now living the DUI Life!

The staff at Injury Prevention Resources want to remind you that we are Fremont County Safe Communities representatives. And if you’re driving buzzed or drunk, you will be arrested and you may be facing probation. Each person has the decision to Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

In Fremont County there were 269 Adults and 15 youth arrested under the suspicion of a DUI in 2013.

Don’t become a member of the DUI Life. Simply put: ”Drive Hammered, Get Slammered!”

dui life

–Paid for in Part by Safe Communities/Injury Prevention Resources

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  1. Nan Eckstein

    This is a good reason to raise the Alcohol Tax, to help pay for victims and damages from those that drink and dive! Please help raise Alcohol tax and let your politicians know we need to raise it since been since 1935! Raise it to 25 cents beer tax would not hurt anyone but would go to good use.

  2. Randy Ray

    Sad thing is most people don't care. They will keep drinking and driving. Every day you can read in the paper how many alcohol related issues there are in this county. All the judicial system does is slap their hands and then send them on their way. Although detox has it's place, it is being overly abused by law enforcement. We need a three strike law like a few other states have. We also need a government that is not afraid of the alcohol industry and the "rich drunks."

  3. Liz Davis

    It's appalling to me how much alcohol abuse affects this county. Really tragic.

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