Attempt to recover Uden victims in Fremont Lake could ‘begin soon’

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee revealed in a brief statement this morning that a mission to recover the bodies of the three Uden homicide victims is nearing the end of its planning stages and will launch soon.

Last November, 71-year-old Gerald Uden pleaded guilty in Wyoming’s Ninth District Court to murdering his ex-wife, Virginia, and her two boys Richard who was 12, and Reagan who was 10, back in 1980.  Uden received a life in prison sentence. For his guilty plea, Uden had to give a factual account of the murders. During his testimony Uden said that after storing the three bodies in a mine, he put them into barrels and dumped them into Fremont Lake near Pinedale.

Following the guilty pleas, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office announced that it would seek to recover the victims’ remains from the lake.

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office will be assisting the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation as well as Sublette County Authorities to hopefully locate and recover the Uden Family in Fremont Lake,” Lee said in a statement. “There has been a tremendous amount of planning completed in the last few months to organize and prepare for this obviously difficult operation. The exact time frame of this complicated Search and Recovery Mission is proprietary at this point however it is tentatively scheduled to begin soon.”

Read more background on the case here.


  1. P.h. Schroeder

    winter's coming fellas

  2. Cecil Vandeventer

    tie a brick to him and make him bring them up

  3. Heather Johnson

    It better before winter sets in , I figured it would have been done sooner . I'm sure it was to leave the lake open for recreational activities . Now summer is winding down .

  4. Heather Johnson

    I was born and raised in Pinedale … Mr. Uden dumped the bodies 1 year before I was born . To think , all my memories surrounding that lake and those bodies were there the whole time . This is creepy but one year the lake froze clear , I think I was about 8 or 9 and I thought I saw some barrels through the ice … But I'm not sure, that was over 20 years ago ! I'm sure he sunk them in the deepest part of the lake . 700 feet or more !

  5. Marie Roskowske

    This man had no remorse or shame for murdering this family I was at the trail. What some people didn't know is Claire Martin had her only child and only Grandchildren murder by this man. Claire died this year April 4th. She did every thing in her power to bring this man to justice. I hope the family is found. My heart breaks to think what this man did this poor loving woman.

  6. Mark Edward Tutor

    71 yrs old and he gets a life sentence after being free for 24 yrs? WOW

  7. Vanessa Milyo O'Neal

    I don't remember this….. I was still in Pinedale then.

  8. Heather Johnson

    Vanessa it was when I was a Blue Bird with Madge . She took us girls up there and we did the snake dance across the width of the lake .

  9. Lora Lee Bruce Wise

    wow you might have seen them.

  10. Suzanne Crofts

    I doubt the bodies are there. I would have trouble believing anything he says.

  11. Julie Bain

    They have barrels in the lake for when it thaws and everyone bets on which day the barrel will hit the shore. hopefully that is all you saw!

  12. Marie Roskowske

    You are not the only one that doubt that man's words. I am hope they are there. I hope finding them will open up the rest of this story.

  13. Ekurth Warren

    doubtful if they are in that lake, Virginia's car was found near trout Creek, he attempted to burn it and push it into a deep canyon, the following year while hunting I found a fairly new spade leaning against a tree in a very remote area near there, a year after that I found a jacket in the same area, when I took it to Mrs. Martin she told me that Virginia had had a jacket like it. her car was seen parked in the timber near this area the day after they went missing…

  14. Waco Wabbit

    Doesn't mean they stayed deep,

    or that he knew where the lake may be deepest.

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