Riverton trash pickup going to four days a week; Residential areas to use roll-off containers

(Riverton, Wyo.) – On a split vote, the Riverton City Council narrowly approved a change that will require all residential customers in Riverton to use curbside roll-out containers.

The 4-3 vote approving the change passed with the support of Councilors Mary Ellen Christensen, Todd Smith, Jonathan Faubion and Martin Cannan. Mayor Ron Warpness and councilors Richard Gard and Kyle Larson voted no.

“it was a fairly long discussion and we had several people from the audience speak out against the recommendation of the Sanitation Task Force,” City Administrator Steven Weaver said.

Weaver said the main objection came from residents who didn’t believe they could manipulate a rollout to the curbside, especially in winter months. Weaver said the change to curbside rollouts for all areas of the city was necessitated because in some areas, the city doesn’t have legal access to alleyways. “That’s especially the problem on North 16th East. The alley there is privately owned as the lots abut each other without a right-of-way established for the alley.”

Weaver said if that issue can be resolved, the city would be willing to do alley pickups of the rollouts in those instances. in other alleyways, Weaver said there are sharp turns that the new city equipment could not negotiate, necessitating a curbside pickup.

Weaver also dispelled a myth about the efficiency of the system, saying the savings of time is not in how much time it takes the city’s new sanitation trucks to stop at each residence, but the amount of trash they can hold. “Our old trucks have to stop at the bale station two or three times a day to unload, but the new trucks only need to stop there once at the end of the day due to their increased capacity. That’s where the efficiency comes in, it saves each truck 1.5 to 2 hours per day.”

The trash collection is also going to a longer day, but only four days a week instead of the present five days.


  1. Bette Geraud

    It really isn't that hard to roll,out a garbage container ! We have done it for many years and we aren't!"Spring chickens "!

  2. Rachel Phillips

    It's more of the older houses usually not having access to the curbside that is a problem. Personally, if my street is one of the streets that won't pick up in the alley, I'll have to roll my bin up and down stairs each time I take it out, as will my elderly and disabled neighbors.
    But yeah, if there is easy access to the curb, it really isn't too hard to roll it out there

  3. Sarah JC Green

    When does this start?

  4. Sarah Wempen

    This is so stupid! Where I live it is actually harder to navigate my street, than it is to navigate my alleyway. Who has to pay for these new roll out garbage containers?

  5. Connie Johnston

    What is the start date for this. And what does a large family do that needs several rollouts?

  6. Shelley Hinkle

    This is going to be a big mess.

  7. Margaret Peart

    Can you explain to me why it is currently legal for the city to pick up trash in the alleys now and the yard waste in the future on 16th street but will be illegal to pick up the roll outs. That doesn't make any sense! Besides, I am sure all the properties on our block deeded the alley over to the cities over 45 years ago.

  8. Phyllis Massey Penzien

    This is crazy the city council doesn't care about the residents who have alley access.

  9. Randy Ray

    Rachel Phillips You keep your roll out in the house? WOW!

  10. Amanda Watkins-Nicholoff

    I live on 16th street and the alley is completely clear. Residents do a great job in keeping access clear for pickup and I have never seen trucks have issues. They zip on through. This is all just an excuse for roll out pick up. I'm not complaining because I am grateful for any kind of trash pick up…just make the rule…we're not stupid.

  11. Rachel Phillips

    Randy Ray No. My garage is in the back of my house. My driveway accesses the alley, not the road my house is on.

  12. Rachel Phillips

    Randy Ray Also, I currently have a dumpster.

  13. Randy Ray

    My bad.

  14. Terri Hance

    We were put on rollouts a year ago because they couldn't access our alley either. …then they placed a large dumpster on the street I'm front if an apartment complex that is next to us. ..someone must not complained so they put the dumpster for the apartments bavk bi the alley but left the rest of us with rollouts. …how much sense does that make now they still drove down the alley thst they supposedly couldn't to pick up the dumpster and then down the street to pick up the rolloits…..and you can aLao say curbside all you want but for the last 2 weeks they have not dumped my container …it was next to the curb but not in the street….I guess they must be blind also cause they can't see my roll out to dump it…..I hate it they aren't big enough to hold what we need it to….we have 10 people living in my house hold and 1 roll out isn't enough and its more expensive. ..so when you see me driving down the street with a roll out in the back looking for a dumpster to dump it in you will know that they once again couldn't see my overflowing roll out container

  15. Terri Hance

    We have 10 people at our house and we have the large rollout….we get picked up on Thursdays…well we are suppose to anyway…..by Sunday it's full….my water bill has increased considerable over the last tear and it's mostly due to garbage and sewer….I can't imagine how much ml ore it would cost for a second rollout. ….I manage a business I town and occasionally I gave to take a few bags to the stores dumpster cause it just doesn't hold as much as it should for the cost

  16. Doug Swenson

    how are they going to pick up roll outs when you live on a circle there is no place to put a curb side roll out unless you put it in the middle of the street.

  17. Bonnie Hinkle

    North 8th is a bus route, one of the busiest streets in Riverton, with the Library and the Methodist Church and Smiths all getting access from this street. Some residents have roll outs on this street and when the wind blows, everyday, they wind up all over the street spilling garbage everywhere, they are also targets for kids walking home from school.

  18. Randy Ray

    Now we know who REALLY runs the county, the garbage mafia. This reminds me of the times when the mafia controlled the landfills in the east.

  19. Sarah Wempen


  20. Carl M. Niswonger

    Another case of, “We have a problem with people walking on the right side of the road instead of the left side of the road as the Law provides, therefore no-one will be allowed to walk on the road at all.” Why not deal with the few problems you have with garbage pickup. If the right-of-way is the problem, either get a right-of-way or give the citizens curb pick ups. One bad apple does not warrant throwing away the whole barrel. I am amaized at the lack of common sense that our Government exhibits on a regular basis. Maybe we need a new City Council, one with a little common sense.

  21. Carl M. Niswonger

    Another case of, “We have a problem with people walking on the right side of the road instead of the left side of the road as the Law provides, therefore no-one will be allowed to walk on the road at all.” Why not deal with the few problems you have with garbage pickup. If the right-of-way is the problem, either get a right-of-way or give the citizens curb pick ups. One bad apple does not warrant throwing away the whole barrel. I am amazed at the lack of common sense that our Government exhibits on a regular basis. Maybe we need a new City Council, one with a little common sense.

  22. Linda Alley Drewry

    since we get smaller containers do we get a smaller bill?

  23. Linda Alley Drewry

    Bette, my question to you is. How many times have you had to clean up trash because the wind has blown your garbage over or had to retrieve your container because of the wind?

  24. Linda Alley Drewry

    Did anyone notice the ones who are not up for re election voted for this?

  25. Jon Sonnenschein

    And remember, those roll outs have to sit no further back than the gutter. If they are on a sidewalk the city will not pick them up. This is explained in the illustration they will mail to you. If there are vehicles parked on the street, the roll outs have to sit out in the street beyond the line of vehicles if they are parked too close together. The trucks can't squeeze between vehicles parked close. This will also cut down on room for vehicles driving down the street and navigating around the roll outs. Some streets will be turned into one lane from dumpsters sitting out too far. There are several streets like that already.
    Nothing will change, and like all forms of government, they know the people will conform to it.

  26. Missy Metzler

    Does anyone know if someone has started a petition against this? Might help to get them to reconsider once again, I know it is what made them revote last time, maybe third time is a charm and we can keep the alley dumpsters!!!

  27. Sabrina Stimmel Sauer

    I'm not understanding their reasoning behind this decision at all.

  28. Missy Metzler

    Yeah me neither Sabrina, they say money is part but now they will have to stop at every house instead of once in the alley for 4-6 houses?!? And I have watched the last several times they pick up and it takes anywhere from 21-26 seconds from when they stop to dump and go again, not the 3 minutes they quoted last time. Just frustrating they can't listen to the citizens!

  29. Shelley Hinkle

    This is going to cause illegal dumping of garbage. These roll outs are not big enough. People will be dumping trash in business trash or taking it out of town and dumping it. I

  30. Linda Curless

    Shelley Hinkle I have already had this happen in the alley behind my house.

  31. Tom Johnson

    I do not see an increased efficiency by having the garbage trucks weaving in and out of the parked cars along the streets. The next ordinance will be to not allow on-street parking on garbage day. If I was still using an alley dumpster I would be p***ed!

  32. Marty Beckers

    Write down the names of council members that approved this on your calendar and vote them out next time around :)

  33. Judy Woolery

    Apparently, They have already spent the taxpayers money on trucks that can't pick up the dumpsters (thousands of $). Do you know that they transport our garbage to the Lander Dump ($ again). I was at the meeting – Todd Smith really pushed the issue (he is on the roll out system because he does not have an alley and he thinks that neighbors will roll out the dumpsters for seniors – that's not reality). Mayor Ron Warpness, Mayor candidate Rich Gard, & Kyle Larson voted against it. While the other four voted for it. Lars Baker did not comment on it at all. Mr. Gard will have my vote in the General election. Please also note that Mr. Weaver and his staff runs the show at City Hall, and they could care less about what the citizens think.

  34. Judy Woolery

    Additional information – They are still going to pick up yard waste dumpsters. The City graded the alley on 16th this spring – Did I permit them to do it – no. If the City does not have a right of way in our alley, why have they picked up the garbage there for over 40 years. Did someone lose the paperwork? Or did it fall through the cracks? If it is my property, then I have the right t close it – right? Also, they were very quiet about the meeting that they were going to vote on this issue. On election night when no one knew about it – very convenient. No news coverage from the local paper.

  35. Karla Hughes

    I can't believe that after all the protesting that has gone on about this that the council still passed it!!!

  36. Lars Baker

    This garbage issue is a real mess. I am reluctant to talk trash about City staff. The City has been handed a real crisis in dealing with solid waste and it is not easy to solve. The best reason to use roll outs is to get people thinking about how much they throw away. When an old garbage truck breaks down it makes sense to replace it with a more efficient system. Recycling reduces the amount of trash that must be landfilled. I have a 45 gallon roll out and it works well for me, but there are only two of us most of the time. There is a lot of theft of service with the big dumpsters, meaning we are paying to landfill trash from out side of town. I was disappointed in the staff presentation at both the work session a week ago and last Tuesday when they voted for the change. Last week Councilman Gard suggested a fazed roll out of the program and keeping a few areas with dumpsters. That was not addressed Tuesday night. There is a map that show the areas affected. That was not available for the meeting and staff could not answer citizen's questions about the proposed service at their property. I know that a lot of work has gone into this adjustment to waste handling over the last 4 years, but most people just have not seen the evolution in the policy over time. The costs to the city are really significant, $700 to 800 thousand every year that could be used for any number of other purposes. Some thing must be done.

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