Riverton to increase mosquito spraying to twice a week after West Nile Virus detected in city

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Acting on information from the Fremont County Weed and Pest Control District that indicated West Nile Virus was detected in all mosquitos pools collected and tested in the city on Monday, mosquito fogging will be increased. (Read about the WNv test results here)

City Administrator Steven Weaver said former councilor and the retired head of the Weed and Pest District, John “Lars” Baker gave an update to the council on the latest Riverton Numbers at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Weaver said the fogging will be increased to twice a week in each designated area. Weaver also said that residents who had requested “no spray” areas, would now also be included in the fogging. He said it was a health and safety issue to increase the fogging activity.

So far, Riverton is the only county location where the West Nile virus had been detected in the mosquito population.

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  1. Pamela Cowling

    GOOD! I don't understand allowing some residents to choose "no spraying" when that not only effects them but the rest of us in the neighborhood. Nobody asked us. Stupid option

  2. Annette Mascarenaz

    Oh thank goodness, our neighbourhood has several "no spray" signs and because of that we haven't had any trucks come and spray around here and we can't even sit in our backyard, we get attacked.

  3. David Alley

    bout damn time!!!!!!! haven't seen them but once or twice this year. now I see them drive by twice. must of been because of elections.

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