LeBrun unseats County Attorney Bennett for the seat

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – The hotly contested Fremont County Attorney race has ended with former County Deputy Attorney Pat LeBrun winning by a wide margin. Both are Republican candidates; no Democrats filed for the seat.

LeBrun won with 65.34 percent of the vote, totaling 4,568 votes. Appointed Fremont County Attorney Michael Bennett received 34.57 percent with a total of 2,417 votes.

Reached at his campaign party in Riverton, LeBrun was obviously happy. “I get to go home,” he said, referring to the county attorney’s office. “I get to go home, that’s the best way to describe it. I could not have done it without all the help and support of my volunteers.”

“The people have spoken and I appreciate those that voted for me,” Bennett said in a brief statement. “I wish Mr. LeBrun the best.”


  1. Dana Navarre-Hiser

    Dont let us down Patrick

  2. Karen Johnson

    Epic picture…lol…Congrats!!

  3. Jim Hinman

    Congratulations! the very best man won!

  4. Christl Buskohl

    Couldn't have happened to a better man!!

  5. Terry Stone

    Congratulations, Mr. LeBrun. As you take over this important position I hope that you will do your best to be fair to all involved in each and every situation. Remembering the rights of the accused and guilty but also the rights of the victims. In the recent past the victims were seemingly forgotten. Please try your best to serve all with honor and integrity.

  6. Sagebrush Sara

    Fremont County is the ultimate winner!! Justice will prevail!!! So proud of you Pat!!

  7. Karlee Larsen-Zach

    Woot Woot! Patrick LeBrun I'm so grateful for your win! Fremont county has spoken and your name was on top! YAY!

  8. Junior Ricardo


  9. Soofia C Gold


  10. Jeremy Cunningham


  11. Releasda Kraken

    Well, if people would have seen how unprofessional and belligerent he was at the forums, the vote may have been different. At the forum on the reservation, at the WIHS tech center, he was anxious to leave and get out of there…but not before all the catcalling and name calling in the parking lot there. Mudslinging during his campaign would be an understatement.

  12. Valaira Whiteman Cardenas

    I know why. He wasn't anxious to leave. Wink wink

  13. Releasda Kraken

    Well, I would hate to be the one to tell you I told you so when you find out how LeBrun really operates…but I can't bide my time!

  14. Pamela Hornecker-Long

    Sounds like a personal gripe. Obviously the rest of the county likes him

  15. Jan Jensen

    2/3 of the county "likes him". 1/3 he will have to convince of his integrity.

  16. Larry Huelle


  17. Larry Huelle

    Releasda this election proved that the county wants criminals prosecuted and not slapped on the wrist or let go all together. Maybe now our county will be a little safer. And when so many law enforcement officers supported him and not Bennett that says a lot.

  18. Kristy Fried

    Patrick LeBrun will do an amazing job. He will not let anyone down, he is a man of respect and integrity. He did a wonderful job campaigning, obviously, look at the numbers. He wont be able to please everyone and he knows that but he will do whats right and whats fair. Don't get into any trouble and you wont have to deal with his office :)….If your a victim, don't be afraid to speak to him, he is there to listen and make the best decision he can…I have faith and I know he will do great things

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