Hornecker will serve fourth term as Sheriff after earning 70 percent of the vote

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Incumbent Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker will be serving a fourth term in office after beating his Republican competitor Mark Stone by a wide margin. This will be the first time Fremont County has seen a fourth-term sheriff for several decades. There were no Democratic challengers in the races.

Hornecker received 5,136 votes, 70.40 percent. And Stone earned 2.132 votes, equalling 29.23 percent. Current totals will be made official on Thursday.

While Hornecker said its his name on the ballot, the win was “an overwhelming vote of confidence” in his entire staff.  He said he felt strong going into today’s election, but did not expect to win by as much as he did. “This is pretty overwhelming,” he said.

“I think the voters in the county made it pretty clear they’re happy with what’s going on at the sheriff’s office,” Stone told County10, adding that he gives Hornecker a “tip of his hat.”

Stone said he appreciates the votes he did get. Ultimately, he said he respects Hornecker and has no major complaints about he has run things. Stone, who currently serves on the Fremont County School District 25 Board of Education, filed yesterday to maintain that seat.


  1. Joe Pyatt

    For a dept. that does next to nothing because they dont want the paperwork. i can see why he won. drunks and drug addicts are dancing now

  2. Ann Park

    quit taking badly about my uncle. he does more than any person I know and the bigger question is: what have you done with your life that amounts to what he has done?

  3. Iris Redcliff

    Meth heads and the families that got their meth head off because his "It is a civil issue" stance and definitely rejoicing. Let's hope LaBrun takes the corrupt cops out.

  4. Joe Pyatt

    United States Army Cavalry Scout, i defended yours and everyone elses freedom before, during and after 911.

  5. Releasda Kraken

    Iris Redcliff LeBrun will be as unprofessional and unethical as they come. Not to mention a bit racist.

  6. Lindsey Spriggs

    Thanks for commenting in this Annie! But don't worry, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Most of those comments weren't related to my dad anyway but to another candidate who won a different office. We all know the ethics and work my dad does, and considering that he got 71 percent of the votes, most of Fremont count does as well…. Unless 70 percent of Fremont county is corrupt, I'd say we are in good shape.

  7. Kathy Hooper

    CONGRATULATIONS Skip – you are an AWESOME Sheriff and I am proud to be one of the 71% of people in Fremont County that got this right and know the facts about what you've done for law enforcement. Keep up the good work.

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