High Speed Chase went 163 miles; 25 year-old man and juvenile boy taken into custody

UPDATE at 5:36 p.m. from the Wyoming Highway Patrol

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – A pursuit that was originally initiated by Deputies with the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and Officers with the Riverton Police Department ended 163 miles later near Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Fremont County Deputies and Riverton Police Officers attempted to stop a 2013 Dodge Charger in Riverton, Wyoming as they believed the vehicle was possibly stolen. A pursuit began out of Riverton and assistance from the Wyoming Highway Patrol was requested at 1:43 p.m..

Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers out of Lander attempted to deploy stop sticks on the vehicle at Sweetwater Station at the junction of Wyoming Highway 135 and Wyoming Highway 789 at 2:12 p.m. but were unsuccessful. The pursuit continued east on WY 789 where Rawlins Troopers entered the pursuit at 2:32 p.m. at mile post 6 on WY 789 where stop sticks were again deployed unsuccessfully.
The chase headed south on US 287 towards Rawlins at 2:33 p.m.. While on US 287 south, the vehicle swerved at multiple troopers and a BLM Ranger as well as at oncoming northbound traffic. At that point, the pursuit was temporarily discontinued for the safety of oncoming traffic. As the Dodge continued to endanger traffic on US 287 after the pursuit had been discontinued, the pursuit was re-initiated with another unsuccessful stop stick deployment approximately 10 miles north of Rawlins on US 287.
The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office and Rawlins Police Department shut down the US 287 bypass in to Rawlins to keep traffic away from the pursuit. On approach of the Rawlins city limits, the pursuit was discontinued again to avoid the pursuit going through the town of Rawlins. An unmarked Rawlins Police Department Officer was able to maintain visual contact with the vehicle while in Rawlins.
At 3:03 p.m., the vehicle entered Interstate 80 eastbound and the pursuit was re-initiated where stop sticks were deployed for a fourth time at mile post 246 on Interstate 80 east. The fourth deployment was successful causing the right front tire of the Dodge to deflate. The pursuit continued to mile post 253 near Elk Mountain, Wyoming where the vehicle finally stopped.
25 year old Martin Anderson of Peyton, Colorado and a juvenile male were taken in to custody without incident. Martin Anderson was identified as the driver during the pursuit. The 2013 Dodge Charger had been reported stolen out of Colorado Springs, CO on July 30th, 2014. Two handguns were located in the vehicle that were within reach of the driver during the pursuit. Speeds reached up to 140 mph during the approximate 163 mile long pursuit. No injuries were reported from the incident.
Martin Anderson and the juvenile were both transported to detention facilities in Rawlins and charges are pending as the investigation continues.
For other details during the chase, click here


  1. Kim Steinhoff

    good job guy!

  2. Sara Dockham

    Good job guy

  3. Brook Martin Lay

    Thankful that this ended with no injuries or deaths. Great job to all officers involved!

  4. John Houseman

    When will people ever learn that you just can't out run police radios!!!

  5. Dave Landreth

    Great work by all of the officers involved! Now if the court system will just back up their good work by nailing the guy's hide to the wall…

  6. Chad Long

    They passed me when I was coming back from Rawlins

  7. Nolan Jones

    Dang, and to think, back in the summer of '89 I got ticketed for doing 68 in a 55 zone (this was before they raised the speed limits back up on two-lane highways) on US-287 somewhere north of Rawlins. The fine was $11, but I couldn't complain because 68 was the speed at which I had the cruise control set!

  8. Jake Bell

    You can outrun the cop cars but you can outrun a Motorola radio

  9. Jake Bell

    Can't outrun

  10. Homem Degraca

    keep the good job going….

  11. Mark Edward Tutor

    why did it take 4 tries for the stop sticks to work???

  12. Joy Ann Cadwallader-Tutor

    Because we are talking about Wyoming law enforcement!!

  13. Pamela McKay

    Martin Anderson's girlfriend is also missing. Rumor has it she died from an overdose and he disposed of the body. She is listed as missing.

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