Chase update: Driver in custody after chase ends on I-80; Undersheriff discusses origins of the pursuit

UPDATE at 4:45 Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee has confirmed that there was no child passenger in the vehicle. There was a second adult in the vehicle, but additional information about either suspects has yet to be released.

UPDATE at 4 p.m. Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee tells County10 that the chase began with a suspicious vehicle report in the Riverton area. Vehicle information provided to Fremont county Dispatch indicated that the Dodge Charger had been reported stolen. Lee said deputies and Riverton Police encountered the vehicle on Webbwood Road, where it attempted to ram two deputy sheriffs’ vehicles.

Lee said that’s when the pursuit began traveling north out of Riverton, through the outskirts of town, ultimately heading out on Sand Draw Highway and maintaining speeds of 100 to 130 mph.

“He attempted to run multiple vehicles off the road head on,” Lee said. Wyoming Highway Patrol joined the pursuit at Sweetwater Station and around Muddy Gap, the Sheriff’s Office withdrew from the search.

While radio traffic indicated there might have been a child passenger, Lee could not confirm that fact. The chase ended on I-80 east of Sinclair. Radio traffic indicates two subjects were taken into custody.

UPDATE at 3:24 p.m. According to an initial report, the suspect in the fleeing stolen vehicle has been apprehended on Interstate 80 near Rawlins. More details when avilable.

UPDATE: The fleeing vehicle struck a Wyoming State Trooper Patrol vehicle just north of Rawlins, but continued into town. Troopers believe the vehicle may have run over spike strips.

UPDATE: Pursuing law enforcement are increasing the distance between them and the suspect vehicle due to the erratic nature of the driving.

UPDATE: Fremont County Sheriff’s Office is calling most of its units off, turning it over to Wyoming Highway Patrol and Carbon County units.

(Jeffrey City, Wyo.) – A stolen 2013 Dodge Charger is leading law enforcement on a high speed chase towards Sweetwater Station at speeds of up to 135 mph. According to radio traffic the driver of the Charger is now headed southbound toward Rawlins after turning at Muddy Gap. The driver reportedly has a child passenger and has reportedly repeatedly swerved into on-coming traffic. The car has successfully avoided at least one spike strip.

Law enforcement agencies from Carbon and Natrona Counties have been advised to attempt to intercept the vehicle. The Wyoming Highway Patrol is also involved.

The chase began in Riverton on the Honor Farm Road, proceeded south on Smith Road, West on Monroe, south on Federal, east on the Gas Hills Road and south on the highway to Sweetwater Station. Circumstances surrounding the start of the chase are unknown at this time.


  1. Jarett David

    The Chase started on webbwood.. I saw the whollee thingg

  2. Dustin Manor

    Deployed spikes when there's a child in the rear seat?

  3. Pam Simmons

    any news? did they catch the car?

  4. Hollie Watterson

    Reportedly Yes, near Elk Mt.

  5. Mike Forget

    Damn that charger gets good gas mileage

  6. Judy Samuelson

    north out of riverton to sand draw???? from Webbwood. I haven't actually lived in Riverton in a while so I could be wrong.

  7. Lisa Reichert

    It would be better to hit someone head-on?

  8. Edward Piper

    South. You are correct

  9. Linda Alley Drewry

    If you finish reading the article they did go north they then took smith road

  10. Linda Alley Drewry

    If you finish reading the article they did go north they then took smith road

  11. Ron Howard

    And now come the criticisms from the peanut gallery. This'll be fun.

  12. Randy Ray

    Notice the commas??

  13. Randy Ray

    Ya whine when their English is poor, ya whine when their English is proper. WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?

  14. Dustin Manor

    Just saying Lisa it's a child. Police pressure tends to cause more erratic driving at high speeds. The child isn't apart of it they are a victim. You have your side I have mine.

  15. Lisa Reichert

    I hit a deer in a dodge charger going 25 mph. Wasn't pretty.

  16. Nichole Williams

    Caught them! Glad there was not a child in the car after all!

  17. Chad Long

    When I seen um outside Rawlins on my way home he was flying and the cops were behind a wase

  18. Lee Rohn

    How bout them Chargers?? Lol

  19. Lee Rohn

    How bout them Chargers?? Lol

  20. Karen Smith

    Emily Smith

  21. Karen Smith

    Hailee Crippen

  22. Andrea Thompson Dockery

    Bailey Lusk Stacia Citron, Avery Anderson

  23. Tyler Riser

    Confirm there isn't a kid in the car. Back off. Have an ac130 rain death on the motherfucker. If he doesn't want to respect the value of other people's lives, he doesn't deserve his. Problem solved.

  24. Shawn DeLorme

    My wife almost got run off the rode by this SOB. I Informed her from a scanner. She was coming from Rawlins and saw what happened on the highway. Just glad she is ok.

  25. Shawn DeLorme

    No child just two punks I guess.

  26. Shawn DeLorme

    Might be wrong but shit, He was trying to hit on coming traffic.

  27. Shawn DeLorme

    I agree man. County 10 is going to blow this up. If it wasn't for the info I received…? Whomever drove that car needs to be put away. My wife had an older lady driving back from Rawlins and said if I would not have informed them of what was coming,? they would have been hit. A lot of people got ran off the road between here and where they got apprehended when they got nailed On I 80. Lucky no one died.

  28. Shawn DeLorme

    Make of my posts what you want. But I know the real deal on this situation.

  29. Mike Forget

    Does that thing got a hemi

  30. Kendra Smith

    they probably ran out of gas…at the speeds they were going, that surely burns gas…sure glad they didn't take my charger…damn shame of what people are doing in the world of criminal issues…

  31. Rhonda Grover Barela Hulse

    It is Ironic, I can picture this happening, In NC but lived in Rawlins& Muddy Gap been to Riverton. Just Glad No one hurt

  32. Jon Sonnenschein

    Mine does!

  33. Jacob Hertzka

    Haha sucx to b her

  34. Jacob Hertzka


  35. Jacob Hertzka

    U would think it does huh

  36. Jacob Hertzka

    That foo is far from a child my friend haha

  37. Chad Long

    Who u calling a puss

  38. Nichole Williams

    Jacob Hertzka what does that have to do with anything? i never said anything about him being a child they thought there was one. O.o

  39. Jacob Hertzka

    Im just saying that as lil homie repersent!!!

  40. Cbg Solofuktharest


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