Pavillion man gets 10 extra days in jail after yelling at alleged victim in open court

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A Pavillion man charged earlier this week with two misdemeanors after allegedly hitting a 12-year-old, got a 10-day jail sentence after an outburst in Riverton Circuit Court.

Dodi Carpenter, 22, faces misdemeanor battery and breach of peace charges. At 9:19 p.m. on Tuesday, a man on East Euclid Avenue in Pavillion called deputies to report that a juvenile male showed up at his house, claiming a family member beat him up. Deputies arrived and learned that Carpenter allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old child. The child is reportedly OK.

The boy was in court when Carpenter had his initial appearance. Judge Wesley Roberts’s notes on the bond form in Carpenter’s file indicate that he raised the defendant’s bail after an outburst in court. The “defendant stood up in open court, and verbally threatened the minor child victim,” Roberts wrote. Bond restrictions prohibited Carpenter from having any contact with the alleged victim.

“Defendant demonstrated a direct disobedience of bond order when Defendant stood up and yelled at minor victim child to ‘drop the charges son’ after he was just informed of bond conditions,” court documents state.

Roberts charged Carpenter with Contempt of Court, sentenced him to 10 days in jail and increased the bond amount. Initially his cash bail was supposed to be 25 percent of $1,000, but Roberts raised it to $1,500 cash only.



  1. Randy Ray

    Another loser that thinks he's a man because he beat up a kid. Keep that attitude and you'll end up in prison as someone's "boytoy."

  2. Tara Stoeger LaTray

    Ooo tough guy..beating up on babies.,..on the inside that's worse than murder…karmas an unforgiving bitch…

  3. Charles Jeffery

    And so do you really think this kid is safe from this bully Next time it could be worse Hope there is some one out there to proctect this kid from this bully

  4. Annette Woodmark

    The Bully is a family member of the 12 year old. The judge means business. This is pretty much status quo for Intimate Partner Violence too. The time in jail gives the victim time to get a restraining order that can be kept in place for one year but then it has to be renewed or else it goes away. If this guy violates that restraining order and the family enforces it then he goes away for several years. But it can also be very complicated with family especially a case like this one. I know many people in my own family that would be pretty pissed off at kids if they went to the police and turned in a parent or another family member for hitting them even if they left bruises which is sad. Some people don't feel kids have any rights at all and unfortunately a lot of kids are abused because families don't protect them. I sure hope this kid doesn't have one of those families.

  5. Jenneffer Jeffery Baldez

    True but sadly does a child have to lose his/her life in the process

  6. John Sickamore

    POS!!! I would like to have a couple minutes with him… See how tough he is lol

  7. Charles Jeffery

    Well John this guy is pretty tuff cause he can beat up a 12 year old

  8. Ken Swan

    boy he looks like a real badass doesn't he?

  9. Mitch Maulik

    Good for the judge! although if he threatened the 12 year old in open court.. 10 days is pretty light

  10. Wolf Paws

    He looks a little upset….tough guy image.

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