BLM delays Wyoming wild horse roundup as preliminary injunction motion filed

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(Rock Springs, Wyo.) – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has agreed to delay the proposed roundup of more than 800 wild horses in Wyoming to allow the court time to rule on a motion for a temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction filed late Friday by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC), The Cloud FoundationReturn to Freedom, and wild horse photographers Carol WalkerWild Horse Freedom Federation Board Member, and Kimerlee Curyl.  The plaintiffs have requested a decision by August 29th.

The motion seeks to halt the roundup in the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Divide Basin Herd Management Areas (HMAs), which had been scheduled to begin on approximately August 20. In response the BLM has agreed to postpone the roundup until at least September 1, in order to give the court time to rule on the motion.

“This proposed roundup threatens to permanently remove all of the wild horses from the private and public Checkerboard lands within the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin HMAs. BLM authorized this drastic management action without analyzing any of the environmental consequences of a wild horse roundup of this magnitude, or reasonable alternatives to this action, as required by [the National Environmental Policy Act,]” the motion states. “Nor has BLM even purported to make certain statutory determinations required by the [Wild Horse Act] prior to the permanent removal of any wild horses from the range. . . . These clear-cut legal violations demonstrate that BLM’s decision is nothing more than a flagrant attempt to skirt the procedures dictated by governing law in a rush to permanently extirpate nearly a thousand horses from the range, including from public lands.”

The plaintiffs maintain that they will suffer irreparable harm if the roundup takes place and are asking the judge to enjoin the BLM from proceeding to remove the horses until after the merits of the case are heard.

The motion is the latest in the ongoing legal battle about the future of wild horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard, a more than 2 million acre swath of public and private land where more than half of the state’s remaining wild horse herds reside. In 2013, the BLM entered into a consent decree with the Rock Springs Grazing Association agreeing to remove all the wild horses from RSGA’s private lands on the Checkerboard and to consider, through the appropriate public process, zeroing out the wild horse populations in this area.  These actions will essentially turn the public lands over to ranchers who graze livestock on these lands at taxpayer-subsidized rates.

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, The Cloud Foundation, and Return to Freedom, Carol Walker, and Kimerlee Curyl are being represented by the public interest Washington D.C. law firm of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal.


–Provided by The Cloud Foundation


  1. Elizabeth K McKinney

    This just makes me sick! Why cant the wild horses stay? What is the point of removing them completely? Is it really that vital for farmers to have more grazing lands for their cash herds than it is to preserve a fundamental part of our countries heritage?

  2. Max Silvers

    just not right at all =(

  3. Terrie L. Burrell

    This is just the same cavalry that wiped out the Indians and their horses. In 1876 the Palouse horses (Appaloosa) and the Palouse Indians were virtually wiped out by U.S. troops. Thankfully in 1938 the breed was revived by a few descendants of the original Palouse horses. I remember as a child reading about Wild Horse Annie who fought all her life to keep the wild horses free. She finally got the government to stop using helicopters to round them up. Then with one stroke of his pen George W. Bush allowed it again. Annie must be rolling in her grave. The BLM was created to manage public lands, but they are controlled by the cattle ranchers who graze their cattle on public lands for free! The horses are a threat to the cattle ranchers. Need we say more?

  4. Denise Neufeldt

    Leave them alone….

  5. Shelly Humphrey

    This makes me sick. BLM needs to just go away on the wild horse issue. Let me guess, they'll be sent to slaughter. Disgusting.

  6. Cindi Woodcock

    S I C K E N I N G to still be going on.

  7. Cindi Woodcock

    I have never understood how anyone could treat the very animal that gave us our freedom and enabled us to farm and build this way. They are sacred, sentient beings and should be treated as such.

  8. Terrie L. Burrell

    All of us can stop this by signing petitions and writing letters. I've seen so many victories won by all of us working together, even as armchair activists. The more of us that shout out, the more politicians will see their support dwindling. They have to listen to us! We can never stop fighting evil.

  9. Carla McNeelan Tillman

    Their doing this for the ranchers.

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