1. Mike Bear

    At Boysen!!?

  2. Linda Davey

    Yes at Boysen! We we fishing and he was swimming to the island l.

  3. Linda Klepper-Archer

    Very cool!!

  4. Linda Dooley Jevne


  5. Marion Dickinson


  6. Roeshell Appleby

    You are so lucky to have seen that bear…:)

  7. Wyoming Outdoors

    Nice……In all the years I've been fishing there have never seen a bear….gonna have to watch the coolers!

  8. Carl M. Niswonger

    I'd watch your ass too!!!

  9. Joe Meyer

    Way cool! Good "catch"!

  10. Tina Dunlap Kirlin

    This is really awesome! I was working the marina that day and missed it!

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