Tourist crashes drone into Grand Prismatic Spring

(Yellowstone National Park) – According to national new reports, a tourist at Yellowstone National Park earlier this week crashed a drone into one of the park’s most popular feature: Grand Prismatic Spring.

Earlier this year the National Park Service banned the use of drones in its parks. This drone was being used without permission to take photos of the spring and reportedly crashed and sank into the 121-foot-deep, 370-foot-wide hot spring.

As of earlier this week, Yellowstone officials were still assessing whether the presence of the wreckage would cause any damage to the spring, and if so, how it could be removed without causing additional damage.


  1. Avis Tanimoto Grant

    What is a drone?

  2. Alberto Rodriguez

    Remote control airplane

  3. Trevor Drewry

    Tourist…. This is why we can't have nice things…

  4. Avis Tanimoto Grant

    Thanks, Alberto!

  5. Vicki Gray Thurston

    With a camera in it.

  6. Brett Hutchison

    I only hope they know who the drone belongs to and make him pay to get it out of there.

  7. T.j. Kauker

    Any physical proof or all based off of one person's testimony?

  8. Veronica Tsosie

    do you think that using a drone may be used to manipulate the volcano in some way or another in Yellowstone? who knows what people do nowdays to create a disaster? he had to known it was forbidden in the National Park.

  9. Phil Knight

    The ultimate touron trick. This is why drones are bad news, among other reasons (think privacy).

  10. Ellen OBrien

    Oh… Duh!!!

  11. Mark MacCutcheon

    Let me guess…..
    Someone without a brain?
    Who does such stuff?

  12. Lynn Bacon

    Unlike Unlike!!!! where's the damn Unlike in this facebook thing??

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