Female flagger struck by a vehicle in South Federal Construction Zone earlier today

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A female construction flagger was struck by a vehicle this morning on South Federal  Boulevard as she was flagging. According to initial reports, the flagger was not seriously injured. A side mirror of a passenger car allegedly struck the flagger on the elbow. She was taken to SageWest-Riverton by a private construction vehicle to be checked out.

The Riverton Police Investigation into the incident has not yet been completed. Check Friday’s Police Blotter for updated information.

The incident occurred between East Adams and East Jefferson on the east side of the construction zone on South Federal.

Construction workers at the site talked in a group after a female flagger was struck by the side mirror of a passing vehicle. (Ernie Over photo)

Construction workers at the site talked in a group after a female flagger was struck by the side mirror of a passing vehicle. (Ernie Over photo)


  1. Darrell Hutchinson III

    haha…rob made the news photo…lol…

  2. Steve Mabry

    The flaggers there have a strange habit of just walking out into traffic. Perhaps they need a bit of training on how to.

  3. Edward Piper

    They hire anyone willing to work. Where's their flagged certification.. they don't even wave their flags…

  4. Cody Beers

    There are good flaggers on this project. They've done an excellent job protecting drivers and workers. Please slow down through the work zone. You might want to try walking a day in their shoes …

  5. Maria Cornell

    We are trained and if people paid attention abd knew how to read a stop sign this wouldn't happen. We all carry our certification with us. People need to slow down and pay attention

  6. Duane Torgerson

    I agree people need to pay better attention in these zones. That being said, I have witnessed firsthand flagged walking into traffic unsafely with NO flags/signs/signals of any kind. I think the day of training where they teach that your orange vest or good intentions WILL NOT stop a vehicle, needs more emphasis. Thankfully , this was a minor incident, not someone being extricated from under a truck.

  7. Randy Ray

    Why don't you stop and ask to see their certification papers? I'm sure they would gladly show it to you. They don't hire the un-educated, you're self employed??

  8. Trina Gonzalez

    I had one walk out in front of my one day… I was paying attention, so I didn't run into her, yet she had no idea I was even there until I blew the horn at her…. It's not only drivers that need to pay attention flaggers too!

  9. Randy Ray

    That's the problem Cody, everyone drives like they are going to a fire. If the city were to ticket every traffic violation the city would have so much money they couldn't spend it all in this lifetime.

  10. Edward Piper

    Geez. Does anyone remember last year when the guy on his Harley Davidson smashed my pilot car. IN A CONSTRUCTION ZONE WHILE I WAS PILOTING TRAFFIC..**I've got plenty experience with traffic control. Thank you very much……

  11. Randy Ray

    Driving through construction zones you are supposed to expect the unexpected

  12. Edward Piper

    Cody beers knows what I'm talking about. Keyhole technologies was traffic control on the job

  13. Edward Piper

    Watch. I'll drive by 3 times recording video. Send it to Cowley and the state of Wyoming. Then we will see who's really doing their job….

  14. Sara Dockham

    At least she was not hurt

  15. Sara Dockham

    They did to pay attention to flaggers in the construction area when people are turning into a street they need to be there to stop traffic too for people turning

  16. Rico Sage

    Just slow your roll people

  17. Brenda Adkins

    i love Sandy! she is cool people and has been very good at her job ..even when i see one other flagger dude being rude to people she steps up n shows him how to do the job right!..God bless you n heal you quickly my friend..

  18. Brianda Kune

    When will it be a good idea for them to do the construction at a time when there is less traffic like at night or after business hours? Like most modern cities in America especially high traffic communities.

  19. Cassie Lemley

    How do we know the guy was speeding or doing something wrong? Maybe she was standing to close to traffic or took her eyes off the cars for a minute. Im guilty of running over cones at one point because flagger told me to go but she was standing too close to the road and I have a decent sized pick up

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