BREAKING: Missing Lander man found OK

(Lander, Wyo.) – Michelle Tallman, the mother of Toby Lauderdale who has been missing since Monday evening, said her son has been found alive and OK.

A message from Tallman to County10 from 1:10 p.m. read “We found him he is ok.”

Tallman said Toby had got his Jeep stuck on a road near Fiddlers Lake in the Wind River Mountains. She said he had no food or water while he is up there, and he’s sun burned. However, he is expected to be OK.


  1. Shannon Watkins

    That is such good news!

  2. Layla Haberman

    yay :)

  3. Amanda Hammack

    Glad to hear he is okay

  4. Lupita Rios

    Omg Thank god

  5. Lupita Rios

    Omg Thank god

  6. Vicki Cooper Kennah

    So glad he's ok!

  7. Daniel Ladd

    The first paragraph makes it sound like his mother was found.

  8. Beverlie Bennett

    Get a SPOT tracker

  9. Julie Flanagan-Hafermann

    Get a SPOT tracker… absolutely!

  10. Julie Lefevre

    So glad Toby is OK!

  11. Tammy Ridgley

    Alas, some GOOD news for a change!!! Glad he is okay.

  12. Connie Petrich Shaw

    Always always always take food and water!!!!!!

  13. Mitzi Hailey

    so glad it ended well!!!!!!

  14. Lynnette Ortiz

    Oh Thank heavens Michelle
    Toby glad you are ok

  15. Carla Callahan Sancin

    Yeah, great hews!

  16. Cassondra Erlandson

    We took some time to pray for him this morning. Such a wonderful outcome. God is good!!!

  17. Jody Scott

    Good news!

  18. Cindy Payne

    amen / praise God

  19. Margaret Reutner

    THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!

  20. Tecia Stroh Hubble

    Thank goodness he is ok and found take care Toby

  21. Betsy Logan Milek

    If you get one, be sure to take extra batteries… My husband found that out the hard way…..

  22. That's good news. Not the starving part or burnt part, but the still alive part

  23. Clayton Warren

    I'm no big hicker. But I've worked on many locations that were deep in the mountains.
    Water an food is always a good thing to pack.

  24. Clayton Warren


  25. Katherine Wood Bracken

    Thank goodness! Thoughts and prayers for his safe recovery!!

  26. Joanne Hugg Dierking

    So glad Toby has been found and all is well!!!!

  27. Marty Conrad


  28. Theil Dooley

    Thank God he is found and ok! Great news!

  29. Carma R Lindsley

    Thank god!!

  30. Cheryl Heckart

    Glad ur ok toby! Its big world out there. .♡

  31. Kerry Whiteplume

    Thank god!

  32. Denny Haulman

    are you serious? sounds like he just wants attention. who the heck gets lost/stuck near fiddlers lake and cant find there way back to the loop road for help? should trade his jeep in for a mo-ped.. please dont travel outside the confines of lander.. geez whiz.

  33. Albert Ross Meeker

    Oh c'mon Denny, give him a break. Haven't you ever done anything you later regretted, or were embarrassed about? We all have. I'll bet next time he takes his Jeep into the mountains he'll be a little more prepared. I'm just glad he gets another chance.

  34. Jacqueline King Shaw

    Thank God!

  35. Wendy Gimple

    So thankful you are safe Toby!

  36. Ashley Hueckstaedt

    Wow Denny. Things happen, and you do not know all of the details. So pull your egotistical head out of the dirt and recognize that this was a stressful situation for all of his friends and family! "Just wants attention" really? He could have died from dehydration in those 3 days, and if you are far enough off the main roads, trying to walk anywhere can be deadly, especially in the heat or cold. It was smart to stay with the car.
    Think before you say nasty judgmental things.

  37. Becky Scott

    So glad he is ok Michelle !! Thank God !!!

  38. Mary Marchetti

    Prayer does help. Thank God.

  39. Robbin Lee Hampton

    So thankful to Hear that Toby is ok!! Thank you Lord!

  40. Totsonii Ma'ii des Geznii

    Survival of the fittest.

  41. Troy Bunker

    So very glad he is ok. Michelle

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