Riverton council approves use of cannon to celebrate scores at RHS games this fall

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Riverton City Council received only one complaint about a proposal to fire a small cannon at Wolverine Field this fall after each Riverton High School touchdown. The vote was unanimous.

Mayor Ron Warpness said he and several other council members received the same call, with the caller worried about the impact on the neighborhood and the adjacent hospital. Council member Jonathan Faubion noted that he talked with the hospital CEO today and that the hospital was unaware that a cannon was used last year. “They didn’t hear it,” Faubion noted. Council member Mary Ellen Christensen made the motion to approve use of the cannon, and she said she also had conversations with neighbors and the hospital who had not heard the cannon used last year.

Riverton High School Activities Director Jeremy Hill said the cannon was placed under the scoreboard last year, and the speakers there drowned out the cannon. He said they would move the cannon between the swimming pool and a maintenance building to help shield noise from the cannon from the neighborhood.

Samuel “Doc” Holiday owns the cannon which he testified that he has used at Shoshoni Wrangler football games for the past 7 years and at Wind River High School in Pavillion for the last 6 years. He also said his cannon is the one used in Lander on Memorial Day.



  1. Michael Smith

    Bob Mower's Chemistry Class built one back in 1961 and used it for touch downs it was a great hit but alas like all good things a stinking thinker complained.

  2. Joan Roylance Whiteford

    Bob Mower was one of those teachers who touched my life and gave me a thirst for education.

  3. Michael Smith

    Joan Roylance Whiteford He was my hero and since I was raised by a single mother in a lot of ways He was my mentor he ignited my curiosity to higher and higher levels and built on my thirst for knowledge that Letha Dickinson ignited in me in first grade.

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