Coroner’s Office releases name of man killed in last week’s officer-involved shooting

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Coroner’s Office has released the identity of the man who died last Tuesday after reportedly being shot by law enforcement on the Wind River Indian Reservation.


Justin Steele. Photo provided.

Justin Steele, 26, of Pavillion, is the deceased. (Read his obituary here.)

Additional information about the case is still sparse. Steele was reportedly a suspect in weapon offense in Pavillion; Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies stopped the suspect vehicle on Blue Sky Highway, and Wind River Police arrived to assist. Steele was reportedly not compliant with officer commands, and at some point a federal officer fatally shot him.

The investigation being led by the FBI is still on-going, and the Department of the Interior reports that the officer involved is on administrative leave. The Coroner’s Office is not releasing any details about the autopsy at this time.

Markings on Blue Sky Highway at the scene of the shooting.

Markings on Blue Sky Highway at the scene of the shooting.


  1. Karlee Larsen-Zach

    Very sad. Thoughts and prayers to both sides of this.

  2. Adida D. Ryan

    I wish it gave more details….I feel bad for his parents…

  3. Adida D. Ryan

    I wish it gave more details….I feel bad for his parents…

  4. Sheila Haukaas

    Awe poor guy :( they should have tazed him first :(

  5. Norman R. Iron Cloud Sr.

    Dude came from a meth party! Enough said!

  6. Jesus Manzanares

    What if it was an opposite a tribal member getting shoot by a Fremont county sheriff…STOP the genocide

  7. Vickie L. Herron

    I am so sorry for the family, and also for the officer who was put in this position. Prayers for all those involved.

  8. Judy Hubbard

    I wasn't there and don't know all of the circumstances, but use a tazer on him, or shoot him where it is not going to be fatal. I feel very for the family, drugs do terrible things to all involved.

  9. Tanya J Marthaller-Duran

    Regardless of what the circumstances were and what choices he made that led to the shooting, no parent should have to bury their child. Praying for all involved.

  10. Dalton Crane

    All law enforcement have the right to go home to there family at the end of there shift I'm sure they did everything possible to get him to give up with out shots being fired

  11. LeXie McKinney

    Too young.

  12. Michele Snyder

    Those things are not always an option. They do the best they can, but at the end of the day, that police officer wants to go home in one piece.

  13. Chris Stanger

    People need to respect the Family ! I knew Justin He was a good person . The path of life is what you make .Pray for the Family & your self's <3 R.I.P. Justin <3

  14. Steve M. Richards


  15. Justin Minard

    Absolutely not!!! If it is bad enough to shoot you shoot to live…. For the officer to live! Show me an officer involved shooting that the suspect lives, and I will show you an officer that needs to spend more time at the range!

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