Details still scarce in Tuesday officer-involved shooting; FBI confirms gunfire was ‘not accidental’

(Ethete, Wyo.) – Details are still hard to come by in an a Tuesday evening officer-involved shooting on the Wind River Indian Reservation that resulted in the death of a citizen.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is leading the investigation. All that the FBI has released at this time was that a law enforcement officer did fire a weapon. “It was not an accidental discharge of a weapon,” FBI spokesman Dave Joly said.

The identity of the deceased has still not been released by officials, and the Fremont County Coroner’s Office declined to share information from the preliminary autopsy results.

Joly could not speak to the current status of the officer who allegedly fired the trigger, and Bureau of Indian Affairs officials in Washington, D.C., have not yet returned request for comment. The officer in question is believed to be employed by the Wind River Police Department, a branch of the BIA. The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office identified the individual as a federal officer, and since the FBI indicated it was not one of their own by saying it was “not able to discuss the policies of another law enforcement agency.”

The shooting is believed to be in connection to a weapon offense that occurred in Pavillion, where a man was seen shooting the window out of a vehicle. A responding Sheriff’s Deputy stopped the alleged victim vehicle on Blue Sky Highway north of Ethete. Wind River Police arrived shortly after to assist. There were three occupants in the vehicle, two of which reportedly obeyed officers’ commands. The deceased was reportedly non-compliant. Read more from the initial report here.



  1. Michael Wind

    police should use tazer in these type of incidents,not to kill,just because they have guns,.if the victim did not have a gun then its murder.

  2. Tammy Frymire

    He was walking around a little earlier with a gun and randomly firing it. With that knowledge and not being compliant would you risk it?

  3. Leon Spoonhunter

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't a accident they shot him

  4. Leon Spoonhunter

    I agree if you knew the guy you would know that he was not the type to behave in a way that would make "law enforcement" use deadly force. . . He is not the first person to be shot by the wind river police

  5. Jt Trosper

    You know i keep hearing…he wasnt that type of person and so on…yet he was fireing
    Shots and walking around with a pistol…thats not something a normal person does…and if the officers know he had a gun…and refuses to comply…a taser wont work if hes in the car …we dont know the facts yet so we just dont know what happened

  6. Sara Witt

    Fuck you ppl who wanna talk shit!

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