Local law enforcement assisting Cody Police as Hells Angels converge on the town

(Cody, Wyo.) – The Cody Police Department is readying for the expected arrival of hundreds of members of the Hells Angels. According to other news reports, the state has provided nearly $200,000 for the agency to prepare for the large amount of bikers to arrive.

The Lander Police Department is sending a couple of its officers to assist the Cody Police. The LPD assistance comes as a kind of a trade as a couple Cody officers assisted LPD earlier this year with increased law enforcement presence as large settlement checks arrived for Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapahoe tribal members.

Some Wyoming Highway Patrol personnel from Fremont County are also in Cody assisting. According to one officer in the area, the bikers had begun arriving as of Tuesday morning. No Riverton Police have been sent.

The bikers are expected to be in Cody for four or five days as a part of the National Hells Angels Run. The last time the Hells Angels were in Cody was in 2006 with more than a thousand members present. There were reportedly five arrests of members of the club.


  1. Ron Howard

    I would predict few arrests and few problems again.

  2. Kilynn Irvine

    If everyone leaves them alone they will leave everyone else alone.

  3. Velinda Friday

    Omg… I like the Hells Angels.

  4. Lily StClair Blackburn

    Poor Cody lol

  5. Kristie Kesy

    I agree!

  6. Kerry Iva Whiteplume

    Chee Natives must be comparable to "Hell's Angel's" L O L……

  7. Veva King

    HA's means big influx of drugs. Good luck!

  8. Cassie Lemley

    Oh yes lets pull all our resources to try to get rid of them meanwhile likes welcome illegals with open arms! Pfft shame. Im all for the bikers

  9. John Brown

    It should be "the large NUMBER of bikers" and not, "the large AMOUNT of bikers."

  10. Velinda Friday

    They are nice people who just want to be lefy alone and let them ride.

  11. Catherine Frazier

    Hmmmm why couldn

  12. Fabian Lobera

    we think they're big guys. :)

  13. Dale Lobdell

    They are just like everybody else wanting to have a good time leave em go

  14. Lois Amick Magnussen

    Probably a lot more arrests during the horse sale!

  15. Amber Johnson

    Ya know we're all just biker trash…. unless they need to raise money for something.

  16. Dale Lobdell

    I hear ya amber funny how that works we are only good enough to give them money when needed

  17. Larry DeGraw

    The Angels have raised hell everywhere they have gone. They come to Wyoming because we leave them alone for the most part. They pretty much toe the line here because this is one state they have not had a problem with. They want to camp, party and ride their bikes. I would enjoy being around them more than the bus loads of foreigners that can't speak english that stop in Wyoming.

  18. Nikki Berg


  19. LaToya Timbana Wright

    I can't wait to see them ride through!

  20. Sherry Andersen

    Let them ride! They only want to have fun! Wish I could go! Would be a blast!:-)

  21. Rooster Burr

    ya don't fuck whit tham

  22. Rooster Burr

    f off

  23. John Brown


  24. Kerry Iva Whiteplume

    Yup people think they're bad when in reality they do alot for other people.

  25. Jon Sonnenschein

    And the relevance of this story is?

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