Weeds be gone! City of Riverton attacking growing problem

(Riverton, Wyo.) – City employee Jerrod Blury was on weed abatement duty Friday morning along East Park, using a weed wacker to cut down weeds along the fence line and those growing in the between the sidewalk and gutter. The City of Riverton reminds residents that with the hot temperatures of late, weeds are growing rapidly and property owners should be cutting the weeds down on their property.


  1. Carla Bennick Norris

    Would be nice if Lander did the same.

  2. Becki Harris

    True-then my yard would be completely gone!!! Ha

  3. Lennie Kosirog

    Hey folks, those pretty morning glory flowers are bind-weed. bad stuff. roots 15 foot long. don't let it get away from you. treat it while it is small! Real bad weed if it gets into a farmers field. It is a noxious weed.

  4. Wish everyone would take care of their yards and weed problems my yard used to be beautiful but neighbors haven't a taken care of weeds in years and it is over taking my yard wish there was a law to take care of this so beautiful yards weren't destroyed!!!!

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