Police getting flak over traffic changes around Fairgrounds in Riverton

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Captain Eric Murphy said the police department has been receiving numerous complaints since Fairground Drive was closed to only northbound one-way traffic on Thursday. He also said one officer was on the receiving end of an irate motorist who berated him for being inconvenienced by the change.

“We’ve done it this way for years, this is nothing new, “ Murphy said. “The only difference this year is the road construction on South Federal Boulevard.”

Murphy said the reason Fairgrounds drive is a one-way north is because during Fremont County Fair week, people can park on both sides of the street, which creates only one lane of travel. “The reason is for public safety. With families and kids at the fair, it makes it a lot safer for everyone.”

Murphy said he was disappointed reading the negative comments posted on County10’s Facebook page and web site with people upset over the change. “I want to make it very clear that we are not going to sacrifice the safety of people for the convenience of people that drive that area. This is only one week out of the year. It is inconvenient for everyone, but we’ve done it this way for years. We get that the road construction on South Federal is an issue, we get that, but for us it is a public safety issue.”

Murphy also said that police will be detouring eastbound traffic Saturday evening on West Main, down Hill Street to Riverview Road to accommodate the Fremont County Fair Parade. The parade units will be staged along West Main and then the parade will begin at 6 p.m.

See the map below for the week-long traffic pattern changes.

County Fair driving access map

County Fair driving access map


  1. Mike Roemer

    This the fair board continues to distance the horse events further and further away from the actual fair and since this is the only daytime activity that uses the grand stand arena, why don't they open up the acres of ground surrounding the arena for participant parking? This would alleviate some of the congestion and the street could remain open both ways!

  2. Mike Roemer

    Since the fair board….missed the autocorrect.

  3. Ron Howard

    It's very rare that Riverton residents would ever complain about anything. It's almost unheard of.

  4. Becky Calvert Shepard

    Very good idea!! Parking is so hard to find over there at Fair time.

  5. Connie Johnston

    If the worst thing in a person's life is the "inconvenience" of road construction and traffic redirection for the fair they are lucky. They need to let the little things go and get over themselves!

  6. Toni Martin Root

    Would have helped if the construction people would have done the west side of Monroe first, then the east. Js

  7. Cindy Jennings-Schmuck

    That may help, but remember that every night show uses that same space. They charge a gate fee, and every car inside the fence would have to be removed before the night show, so you could pay your fee and get in not to mention the night shows like the rodeo utilize that same space. The parking lot behind the armory is always available, but it is a lot farther than many want to walk. You must walk all the way around to get in through any gates.

  8. Ken Wattler

    You should live in a place like St. Louis. This is nothing compared to a big city.

  9. Christine Parr

    i appreciate this map – I got caught in that mess the 1st day it changed – wan't sure how far I had to backtrack to get on Federal.

  10. Troy Slinkard

    I'm 100 percent Behind the chief and capt on the lane closure of fairgrounds drive to one lane the week of the fair KIDS AND "SAFETY" are main concerns there, I've been to that many many times and have seen people almost get run over because some S.O.B was in a hurry, YA it is inconvenient to have to go other ways but TELL ME HONESTLY is it worth it TO YOUR FAMILY TO BE SAFEAND ALIVE:::::::

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