Child burned with candle liquid; Mother cited for child endangerment, DFS called in

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Police were called the 500 block of South 3rd East at 10:43 p.m. over a reported fight over a child. Officers arrived to find several agitated people at the scene, and an 18 month-old boy with a serious burn on the back of his thigh.

A police report indicated the child’s burn was such that he needed medical attention, but the mother apparently was refusing to take him to the emergency room, but wanted to go to the grocery store instead for some burn medicine. The argument, apparently, was over what to do with the injured boy.

The police report said the child’s burn covered the entire back side of the upper right thigh below the buttocks, was round in size and was about 3.5 by 2.5 inches in size.

The mother told police the child was following his older brother around and climbed up on a counter where a burning Scentsy candle was located. The candle was knocked over, burning the child.

Police said the burn had blistered, or was blistering. The child ultimately was taken to the hospital and the mother was issued a misdemeanor citation for child endangerment.

The Fremont County Department of Family Services was also contacted and DFS officials met with the mother to make a plan for parenting skills.


  1. Shawna Crispin

    Accidents happen. Too bad, hope the lil guy is ok. Burns hurt so much!!!

  2. Chrissy Nardi

    There must be more to this story if this mother was cited?

  3. Heather Marie Antunez

    Baby is doing good was not a was the kind you plug in wall and also.the burn is have way buy butt.

  4. Terri Hance

    I'm sure there isn't nay more to the story…..this county has went crazy with child endangerment charges. …your right accident s happen scentsy pots spill….this is crazy. …if the police are involved every time someone child gets hurt their won't be time for them to take care of serious calls….I seriously don't understand the big push on citing everyone with child endangerment. ….the courts will he full and all the kids in dfs custody….crazy

  5. Ron Howard

    A blistering burn on a child sounds like child endangerment to me.

  6. Stephen Rebecca Simpson

    Seriously!? If this is all to the story then God forbid any parent not bubble wrap their kids!! I dont feel this parent should have been cited especially since she was attempting to get medicine. The longer the burn sits without meds, it will continue to burn making it worse and since they were arguing about it……times a wasting folks! Like someone said, accidents do happen. So does this mean i need parenting classes because i have kids and scentsy warmers in every room!! If these are all the details then ifind this to be ridiculous!

  7. Jody Swanson Sears Boyd

    Accidents happen! I am a mother of 5 very curious boys and we do everything we can to prevent accidents, but they still happen. I hope the child is ok.

  8. Terri Hance

    A few weeks ago as my daughter was removing a bowl of steaming Ramen noodles from the microwave my grandson hit the microwave door which caused the bowl to spill in her hand and his head….he had blisters on his head and the burns looked pretty bad we took him to the ER and because they were burns we were told their was nothing they could do….we took him home and the popped and dripped and looked worse so we went back they shaved his head and gave him an over the counter ointment….no one called the n police we were not reported for abuse and no child endangerment charges were filed and I would quess that my grandson who is 2 was hurt a lot worse then this little one….I just think that there just be some kickback or something as everyday there is someone being charged with CHILD ENDANGERMENT and it's not always serious

  9. Dani Vogele

    Hmmmmm… sounds to me like this should be a splatter type burn not one that takes on a round shape….maybe im wrong?

  10. Jill O'Connell

    How fucking stupid

  11. Trish Thorpe

    (Not supposed to put burn ointment on blisters anyway. It will hold heat & make it worse!) First Aid 101

  12. Trish Thorpe

    Overkill on charges though … accidents happen.
    Glad to hear owies are getting better.

  13. Soofia C Gold

    Give reasons for peoples actions

  14. Mindy Whiteplume

    I used to sell Scentsy…..I have spilled plenty of them, and none of them resulted in burning or blistering. Must not have been using real Scentsy then. Poor kiddo. Accidents freakin happen,. They cite people for the most ridiculous crap….just to get money outta people for fines.

  15. Babette Lane Jinkins

    As someone who is a Scentsy addict, I have spilled my fair share of wax out of warmers. I'm not seeing how it could be a circle shape, unless the child sat on the warmer top. That stuff runs and drips al over the place. Also, they aren't candles. There is no wick, and no flame – they use at max, a 25 watt light bulb (unless the mother had put something larger in it. My kids, stick their fingers in the wax and play with it, all the time. It's kind of like a wax dip manicure, as to level of hotness.

  16. Sandra Beydler

    Perhaps it's not the accident that caused the burn, but the lack proper medical evaluation.

  17. Dayle Mefford

    I saw this baby's burn. Yes, it blistered some (a baby's skin is more sensitive) but it certainly didn't cover the 'entire back side' of the thigh and truly wasn't serious enough to warrant an er visit. A disgruntled ex husband trying to cause the mother grief started a ruckus and called the police on her.

  18. Jesica Rokohl

    As a Scrntsy consultant with an 18 month old it's not unheard of for a child that age to get into a warmer out of curiosity or accident at some point. However, if used with the proper bulbs it has the heat of paraffin wax like those used for manicures. It's not hot enough to blister or even leave a lasting burn area. To cause a blistering burn, it had to have been used with a higher watt bulb not provided by Scentsy for the warmer. Regardless, there's go to be more to the story for something so simple that any curious child of that age could do to actually have charges of child endangerment to be brought up. And if there isn't more to the story, how awful that a mother is being punished for something so trivial by trying to act on her child's best interest.

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