Lander business owner accused of having sexual relationship with underage employee

(Lander, Wyo.) – A local business man has been charged for allegedly having a sexual relationship with one of his underage employees. Robert Clark, 53, the owner of Subway sandwich shop in Lander, is accused of having illegal physical contact with a 17-year-old female employee.

Clark is charged with Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the Third Degree. The crime, should he be found guilty, is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The case has been bound over to Wyoming’s Ninth District Court. An arraignment date, when Clark will enter a plea, has not yet been set. He is currently out on a $15,000 cash bond.

The charge was filed against him on January 24, 2014, after a relative of the girl brought information to Fremont County Sheriff’s Office detective and Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agents in early December 2013. The case was sealed until it was bound over to District Court on July 23, when the preliminary hearing was waived. The girl reportedly told the relative that she had “kissed” Clark.

The girl later told investigators that she and Clark had had a physical relationship during the summer of 2013 through early November. She reportedly had worked at Subway since 2012. The affidavit written by DCI Special Agent Loy Young states the girl also admitted to engaging in mutual sexual acts with Clark.

The affidavit states that the DCI agents interviewed Clark on Dec. 10, 2013. “Clark was advised that he did not have to talk to the agents if he did not want to do so and that he was not under arrest and was free to leave at any time,” the court document states. “Clark admitted that there was inappropriate sexual contact between him and (the victim) from approximately the end of the summer of 2013 to sometime in November 2013.” One specific instance of contact, the girl’s 17th birthday, was also referenced in the court document.

All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.


  1. Ron Howard

    That last sentence in the story should be written in bold face, underlined, italicized and flashing in bright colors. Many don't seem to have any regard for that statement.

  2. Hannah Zimmerman

    My friend and I worked for this man when we were in high school and he made inappropriate comments to her so we quit!

  3. Edward Piper

    Ron Howard. Birthday sex should be bold and italicized. She's old enough to have a job and responsibilities. She shouldn't have to worry about age. She was just as guilty as him…… It doesn't say he raped her. How many of you people who judge others are married to someone who is more than 10 years younger than you… That would make you a child molester…… That's not even what everyone needs to worry about. She's obviously old enough to make her own decisions. Meanwhile there is sex offenders living in school zones and near parks and nobody worried about them. Guy sleeps with a 16 year old and he's automatically the bad guy. Takes two to tango

  4. Toni Laird

    He is 53, she is 17 & his employee!! That is an abuse of power on multiple levels!!! He has children older than her…think about it that way!!! Statutory rape laws have their purpose and this is one of them!!!

  5. Marty Beckers

    Agreed,and beings he admitted it, NO PLEA DEALS NEEDED.Make a example out of him and send him to jail,so more pervs see what happens when the law is broken!!

  6. Jerry Callender

    Monica Lewinsky playing 'the jilted woman' who, if the truth be known, was the instigator, and didn't stop 'til she got what she wanted.

  7. Kristie Kesy


  8. Gary Martine

    Glad I don't eat there anymore… Got sick after eating there a couple of months ago…

  9. Deborah 'Bumble Bee' Knobler

    i went to the article to read the last line only :)

  10. Gwynaedd Howdyshell

    His family is embarrassed enough without y'all's slander. Have some respect, what if it was your family? You don't have to respect him but know there are more feelings to be hurt than there looks.

  11. Ashton Van Horn

    I was Robs general manager for 2 years from '11-'13. I can tell you all he has a GREAT heart and I never saw him doing anything sexual to anyone. I couldn't have asked for a better boss. He really cared for his business and employees. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one should be quick to judge him. Any man would be lying if they said they never felt attracted to a younger woman. Doesn't make him a bad person. Rob is a great guy and needs support.

  12. Sheila Haukaas

    Dude if they can be on a show 16 and pregnat. Their old enough to hump an old dude if they want lol

  13. Sheila Haukaas

    So shutup!!!

  14. Amber Brown

    Wyoming law is female consent is at age 16, unless the "offender" is 8 years + older. If it was my daughter, you can bet your ass he would be dead or exactly where he should be, prison. If he was a responsible adult, he would be aware of the laws, and I grantee you he was.
    By saying she shouldn't have to worry about age, are you also saying the same for underage drinking, underage driving, Etc?
    Most (not all) 16 year old girls/boys are crazy impulsive and make decisions that are hugely regrettable within the near future. I know because I was one, and still hold those regrets.
    Unfortunately & fortunately there are no laws to punish underage children, if there were, could you imagine the amount of sex offenders walking around who made mistakes AS children? Adults are old enough to know better, and that is why they are punished and labeled.
    Have a daughter and tell me you would be ok with a man who's your age or older, even entertaining the idea of a relationship with her. Let that sink in.

  15. Amber Brown

    I might add that by saying "he" or 'she" I do not necessarily mean the people involved in the above article.

  16. Johnny Lorenzoni

    Ya I agree with you on this.

  17. Erin Zgurich

    I have never had Rob make ANY inappropriate comments to me in any amount of time of me knowing or working for him.

  18. Kelli Jones

    judge not lest ye be judged….good god

  19. Kelli Jones

    county 10 get a life

  20. April Pursel

    If she initiated contact her ass should get in trouble too

  21. Susan Du Becker

    "All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law." – Im all for agreeing with this statement however in this case, the 53 year old man (I repeat – 53 year old man) admitted inappropriate sexual contact with the 17 year old (let me repeat, 17 year old) girl.
    Sorry, but she is just young and dumb and he is supposed to be the grown up here. Id string him up by his ***** (family content respected :-) )

  22. Treiah Fletcher


  23. Cassie Lemley

    I don't get it? She knew what she was doing, knew how old he was and still is playing the victim? what?

  24. JR FastHorse

    If your 4 years older than your gf/bf or they're 4yrs older than you,it's considered child molestation,& if you want to be wit someone that is 17yrs old move up here to Montana it's all legal.

  25. Beverly Willow

    He should be ashamed of himself to be that old involved with someone that young. CHILD MOLESTER. Even if it was consensual by her, He should of known better. Sickening. Dirty OLD MAN.

  26. Shelly Humphrey

    Okay I'm not condoning this BUT she gets off Scott free? Please, its not like it was a one time deal, she obviously got a kick out of being with an older guy or something. Sick to death of these girls playing innocent when fact is in a lot of cases they egg it on. Some even lie about their age and you all know it, even though this wasn't the case here. Stop condemning him and feeling sorry for a victim that was far from a victim.

  27. Mary Warren Killsontop

    U have no morals toni laird.

  28. Mary Warren Killsontop

    You woulda did him.

  29. Judy Pruitt

    She told you a relative that SHE KISSED HIM……so my opinion she was asking for it. People these days lol…….

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