With a month to go, only seven county retailers have been approved for WyoLotto todate

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – With one month to go before WyoLotto begins play, only seven Fremont County retailers have signed up to be a lottery outlet to date. Other applications are expected. Lottery tickets go on sale on August 24th around the state. Wyoming Powerball tickets will cost $2 with the jackpots starting at $40-million and drawings every Wednesday and Saturday. Wyoming Mega Millions tickets are $1 each with jackpots starting at $15-million with drawings every Tuesday and Friday.

Approved Fremont County WyoLotto retailers to date include three in Dubois, two in Riverton, one in Lander, and one in Shoshoni.

They are:

Taylor Creek Exxon 37 Soda Springs Drive Dubois
Bull’s Service and Towing 219 W. Ramshorn Dubois
Dubois Super Foods 601 West Ramshorn Dubois
One Stop Market 8116 Hwy 789 Lander
Fast Lane 110 W 2nd St Shoshoni
Pit Stop #1 Riverton
Riverton Discount Liquor 617 North Federal Boulevard Riverton


  1. Pamela Cowling

    Come on retailers… Sign up!

  2. Patricia Fullmer

    Where can we sign up?

  3. Kerrie Mills Metcalf

    i am going to buy some!!!!

  4. Justin N Traci Helton

    I think big horn coop in riverton should be on the list.

  5. Lennie Kosirog

    This is poorly written. WyoLotto had thousands of applications. Porters was one of them. They only picked 550 businesses. Criteria was, business volume, location (I-80 corrodor etc), door rings, etc. Thousands of retailers and venues are disappointed today because they were NOT picked. It wasn't because they were lazy. As WyoLotto grows, perhaps there will be more businesses chosen. But the 550 number was set. A person can still sign up to sell WyoLotto, However, another criteria was first come-first chosen. All applications were handled on-line and a time & date was set to recive them.

  6. Carl M. Niswonger

    Can anyone say, Poor Planning? How the hell are you going to sell the tickets if you don't have vendors? Two vendors in Riverton, come on!!

  7. Lennie Kosirog

    I also need to comment on the "chains" not sure how they will be handled. I mean, Wall-Mart, Wall-greens, Casino's, Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks. These are "special" and will have there own criteria. go to http://www.wyolotto.com with questions. So many issues with the Lottery that "With one month to go before WyoLotto begins play, only seven Fremont County retailers have signed up to be a lottery outlet to date" Is not a valid statement and is derogatory. The fact is Many businesses are disappointed in these results.

  8. Brad Hill

    One vendor in Lander- Two in Riverton and Three in Dubois??? Really what are they thinking??

  9. Patricia Fullmer

    This is interesting news. Thanks Porters for giving us the correct story. I am a business owner in Riverton and would love to have the lottery available.

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