Lander’s oldest resident turns 106, rides 4 wheeler for b-day!

(Lander, Wyo.) – Lander’s oldest resident, Leola Dollard Reschke, celebrated her 106th birthday today on a 4 wheeler!

Leola loves to celebrate her birthdays by doing something adventurous. On her 100th birthday, she rode a horse. For her 101st birthday she was the parade marshal of the 4th of July parade. This year she requested a 4 wheeler ride from her friend, John Larsen! A group of employees and friends gathered to watch her enjoy her ride!

leola's bday

Leola was born and raised in Lander and grew up outside of town on the Sweetwater River. She now happily resides with the fun crew at Westward Heights Care Center.

Please join us on wishing her a very happy 106th birthday!

Photo via Elena Schweitzer from

Photo via Elena Schweitzer from



  1. David Manchester

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Cierra R Lobdell

    That's awesome!! I loved being there to assist her at westward heights

  3. Samantha Krulicki

    happy birthday

  4. Kathy Jeannotte-Nauman

    You are amazing! Happy Birthday.

  5. Betty Robidoux

    That is so sweet have a happy 106th birthday leola

  6. Verna Parker

    Happy Birthday

  7. Tina Theroux

    That's awesome.. Way to go westward heights.. Your the best.. Congrats and happy birthday.

  8. Toni Vinson Bowling

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Sara McDowell

    Happy 106th Birthday, Leola!!!!

  10. Kim Allison

    Happy Birthday…may God bless you on this wonderful day :)

  11. Jo Sanders

    Happy Birthday Leola!!! Wow….I miss you!!

  12. Karen Smith

    Happy birthday

  13. Kyla Bearheels

    Wow!! She still looks great! I am honored to have been able to know her and spend time with her at Westward Heights <3 Happy Birthday!

  14. Sylvia Stone

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Sandra Beydler

    Happy birthday!

  16. Chad Edwards

    Happy birthday Leola!!

  17. Julie Limardo

    Hope you had a awesome day!!! Happy birthday!

  18. Janet E Mullins

    Hope your 106th Birthday was the best yet.

  19. Phyllis Stark

    Saw this. Isn't her visor cute?!

  20. Delean McOmie-Bindl


  21. SuzAnn Daly Giorgis

    Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed the ride!

  22. Elisabeth Sparks

    Happy Birthday, Hope you had a wonderful day

  23. Linda Grant Williamson

    Amazing lady…..Did you know her?

  24. Tara Beakes

    Happy Birthday Leola!

  25. Sharon Koehler

    Happy Birthday Leola!! You're looking great!!! What is your secret to a long health life??? I was born and raised in Wyoming, graduated from high school in Lander, but I now reside in California! Ray Wolfley was my dad. I look forward to retiring from teaching and move back to Lander!!! Take care!!!

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