BREAKING: Person of Interest in child abduction caught this morning hiding in Lander

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 23-year-old Riverton man wanted for questioning in the early Saturday morning adduction of a 9-year-old Riverton girl from her bedroom was captured this morning in Lander. Riverton Police Captain Eric Murphy said David Brock was caught hiding in a storage unit at Rob’s Towing on Mortimore Lane. He said RPD detectives were assisted by officers from the Lander Police Department and by Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies.

“We had detectives in Lander all morning following leads,” Murphy said. “Brock was caught after he slipped out of a house police had driven to, and was caught a short time later hiding in a storage unit. ”

Brock was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Big Horn County and taken to the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander. Riverton detectives are interviewing him there in connection with the early Saturday morning abduction. He had been identified as a “person of interest” in the case and police had obtained a search warrant for the residence where he was living in the 900 block of East Jackson. Brock, however, was not at the house when the warrant was served on Sunday night. Three of his roommates were there, were detained and questioned, and then released.

The girl was recovered about 45 minutes to one hour after she was taken from her bedroom. For details on the incident, click here. 


  1. Tiffany Truax

    Good shame on you David what if that was your little sister who some sick prick took u would be very upset y in gods name would u do it hope u get the max punishment this time you have had 1 to many chances slap on wrist after another if u didn't do it u would not have been hiding your messed up in the head and u need serious help

  2. Ardis Spoonhunter

    I know hes lucky the cops found him. If it would have been a child of mine and we found him first he wouldnt be around to go to jail. Just missing? hmmm

  3. Joey Ladd

    Excellent job to all law enforcement officers & detectives!!! You guys do not get near the credit you all so deserve!! Well done. I am very appreciative of your hard work, dedication and all the long hours spent serving this community!!

  4. T.j. Duffy

    Have fun in the clink boy!

  5. T.j. Duffy

    Have fun in the clink boy!

  6. Sarah DeClercq

    Thankyou e everyone for your hard work!

  7. Kilynn Irvine

    What a puke David, I cringe at the thought that you used to be a good family friend..I hope you get exactly what you deserve and learn from the stupid choices you are making.

  8. Robin Lee Martin

    I swear I met him somewhere…im really bad with remembering people…

  9. Jamie Welch Denevan

    I know!! He will get what's coming to him!!

  10. Jody N Jason Brazelton

    If he is guilty than he should be convicted and sentenced, but so many times, mostly by the media, people are guilty before they reach any courtroom.
    Does anyone else remember when an accused person in America, regardless of how heinous the accusation, was considered innocent until proven guilty?

  11. Tom Schatza

    shoot the sonofabitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then shoot him again

  12. Josh James

    This used to be my grandfather's house. It saddens me to see a place where I had so many great childhood memories turn into something that makes my stomach turn. I could only imagine what my grandfather would say if he was still around. :-!

  13. Janet Saby Richards


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