BREAKING: Suspect in child abduction identified, photo released.

UPDATE: The Riverton Police Department is looking for David Brock ,  22 year-old male from Riverton and is wanted for questioning in the child abduction case from this weekend.  Please contact Captain Eric Murphy of the Riverton Police Department if you have any information on the whereabouts of David Brock. Please call 307-856-4891. 

Child abducted from her bedroom early Satuday morning, found an hour later…

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Police have identified a suspect in an early Saturday morning incident in which a 9-year-old girl was abducted from her bedroom from a home in the 800 block of Cindy Circle. The girl was found some 45 minutes to 1 hour later and, after an initial medical assessment, was taken for observation to SageWest Health Care by her parents.

Details on the incident are sketchy, but Captain Eric Murphy, who is serving as acting police chief this week, said the incident was reported at 3:45 a.m. Saturday by the girl’s parents who had heard their daughter scream, waking them up. When they raced to her room, she was gone, the bedroom window was open and the screen had been cut.

“Every member of the police department was called out, in addition to volunteer firefighters who help us in a search, sheriff’s department deputies assisted and so did units from the Wind River BIA Police,” Murphy said. “Officer Mariah Wilson found the abducted girl walking down Mary Ann Street in her pajamas.”

The suspect was initially identified as an older man wearing a dark colored shirt, blue jeans and dark shoes.

Following intensive work Saturday and Sunday, detectives obtained a search warrant for a home in the 900 block of East Jackson. That search warrant was executed Sunday night. Murphy said “several people of interest” were detained for questioning and from that, a suspect was identified.

The RPD’s Special Response Team executed the search warrant at the home.

“Our detectives were up since early Saturday morning through this morning,” Murphy said. “They’ve been working this case non-stop.”

More information is expected to be released later today.


  1. Makayla C Hair

    Scary! Glad she's back with her family!

  2. Trish Thorpe

    Glad she is ok. Good to hear the dedication of our officers

  3. Stephen Rebecca Simpson

    Praise God this little girl was found and is safe! I hope and pray she didn't suffer through anything, and will recover well from this! This is SO scary!

  4. Stephen Rebecca Simpson

    Praise God this little girl was found and is safe! I hope and pray she didn't suffer through anything, and will recover well from this! This is SO scary!

  5. Janet Saby Richards

    What a wonderful response from all of the local agencies – thanks to all of you!

  6. Amy Miller

    Thank you to our officers, great job! This is so scary to hear!

  7. Wolf Paws

    Creepy….not something you would think would happen in this community. Glad her abductor released her!

  8. Jennifer Piper

    Omg…… glad the child is safe now.

  9. Ron Howard

    How traumatic. God be with the girl and her family.

  10. Cory G. Rota

    So said to hear about this kind of thing in our community hope it all gets resolved and the family can find peace.

  11. Wolf Paws

    Name and photo of suspect released

  12. Danette Marone

    So glad she is safe, we live in the area so that hits too close to home! I can imagine how she will suffer from the trauma for some time to come. I hope for the best for her & the family.

  13. Nora Wise Kennedy

    absolutely excellent response by all involved! I'm very proud 0 RP de dia the fire department and whoever else had a hand and returning this girl as soon as absolutely possible. It may very well have saved her life! KUDOS!!! <3

  14. Nora Wise Kennedy

    apologies for the typos. I meant to say I am very proud of the RPD , BIA , the fire department and whoever else was involved…

  15. Ron Howard

    I notice a huge difference of respondents on this page as opposed to the Facebook page. All rational people must be here instead of there.

  16. Cassidy Irvine

    So happy the girl is safe…Hope they get him soon…

  17. James Hiemstra

    The really sad part about this is she's 9 years old. She'll remember this event her entire life! I'm just thankful they have the identity of the suspect

  18. Shelly Humphrey

    This guy can't just blend into the woodwork. He obviously has been in trouble before, they have his mugshot. FIND HIM!

  19. Cindy Halverson

    So glad the girl was released….prayers for her and her family….scary what has been going on in this town….

  20. Clarisa N Mikel Emerson

    Exceptional actions by law enforcement & our community. Glad the little girl is safe but probably traumatized for life. He needs to be made an example of or we will start hearing more of these things happening here. I say "string m up"!

  21. Ashley Haddenham

    Thank god she was found. It's nice to see that law enforcement can pull it together so fast. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  22. Adida D. Ryan

    I double checked all our windows! Glad they found her…Poor Lil girl: (

  23. Stephanie Logan

    I pray this little girl was not too traumatized, although, being dragged out of bed, through a window and kept for an hour or so is certainly traumatic! But, I think we all know what I am really saying here. I can't say the man who did this is "sick", that would give him an "out" legally. He is EVIL.

  24. Joyce Dockham

    So glad she was recovered quickly.

  25. Jami Dieu

    Glad she safe but still a bullet would fix his ass from doing it again

  26. Sherry Andersen

    Yes it is very sad what is going on here. We never had to lock doors on cars or house but the last two years things have really changed. Not only is it doors on cars and house parents need to be with their children even while they sleep. Thanks to the RPD reservation cops and all others for finding this 9 year old.

  27. Skye Edward Foutz

    I personally know david and have a extremely hard time even seeing this as a faint possibility. Why?? is obviously not explained in this report. Just like the media to leave the most key point out. But personally I was not there so I do not know either though i hope that this is not factual. That being said I hope justice is served either way. I just hope that they have the wrong person at the present. David if your reading this you have been a great friend and I hope that this is not true.

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