Photo Gallery: Cowboy Tough Adventure Racers left Lander this morning for Riverton, Boysen

(Lander, Wyo.) – Day two of the Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Adventure Race kicked off at Sinks Canyon State Park at 6 a.m. today after the participants rested overnight on the lawn at the former Starrett School on South 9th. The race began Thursday morning up at South Pass City. The race covers three and one-half days and over 300 miles before it ends Sunday in Casper and involves teams participating in trekking, biking, paddling, climbing, caving, and running courses through the back country.

Today’s events in Sinks Canyon included caving, a rappel and then peddling to the 1838 Rendezvous Site in Riverton. From noon to 4 p.m. they’ll be hosted by mountain men to complete in a tomahawk throwing challenge before cycling to Boysen State Park for 18 miles of paddling and 12 to 20 miles of trekking until midnight. Saturday’s events in the adventure race includes a whitewater trip through the Wind River Canyon and biking on fire roads for about 80 to 100 miles and 5 to 20 miles of trekking. The final day involves 50 miles of road biking, 5 miles of trekking and five miles of Class III paddling before ending in Casper.

Photos by Jennie Hutchison, Wind River Visitors Council. Click to enlarge. 




  1. John A. Lichty

    I almost got hit by some of them running a stop sign on Third Street around 11:30 this morning. I thought bicyclers were supposed to obey the same rules of the road that motored vehicles are.

  2. Cheryl Heckart

    U go shad and carla!!

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