Van Dijk fire: Husband up and walking at burn center, infant son prognosis improving

(Lander, Wyo.) – The prognosis for the two members of the Van Dijk family in a Salt Lake City burn center are good, the family’s pastor said Thursday. “Feike is up and improving and, of course, devastated,” Matt Whitman said. “The prognosis for Renny, the couple’s 10 month old twin, is optimistic.”

Feike, the dad, and his infant son were burned when the family’s home caught fire Tuesday night. After receiving initial medical attention at SageWest Health Center-Lander, they were individually flown to Salt Lake. Noelle, the mom, the couple’s other infant daughter and their 5-year-old boy were treated and released the night of the fire.

“The goal is to get them through the next couple of weeks. We are arranging long-term accommodations and want to get it set up for them so they can just move in to their new home. I think most of their short term needs are being met, the challenge will be long term needs,” Whitman said. “The community’s support means the world to them.”

Funeral services for the two children lost in the fire are pending and arrangements will be announced later.

Whitman said plans are in progress to establish a web page that will include family updates and any special needs. will post the address for that site when it becomes active.

To read about the community’s outpouring of support for the family, click here.


  1. Vickie Jacobson

    My heart just aches for this beautiful family. Feike is Director of Social Services for Eastern Shoshone. HUGE HUGS!!!!

  2. Trina Gonzalez

    Love you all!!!

  3. Julie Lefevre

    Oh, thank God for Feike being up and walking. His family needs him so badly, and he is such a good guy! Continuously praying for all of them!

  4. Kimberlee Raymond

    Prayers and God be with you as you all try to achieve some sort of peace in your lives.

  5. Julie Moran

    We love you Feike and Noelle. Praying hard for you. Let us know whatever you need.

  6. Nancy Wynn Dollar

    Prayers for healing in every sense of the word for this family.

  7. Beth Pisani

    Many prayers coming from your CT friends. xoxo

  8. Marsha Reizenstein

    thank you all for the wonderful out pouring of love to this family thank you, they are very important to my family THANK YOU.

  9. Nancy Ebbert

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. No words can express our sympathy.

  10. Veronica Hitshew

    Praying for you!

  11. Josiah Armstrong

    Are hearts break for you guys! We're praying for the incredible comfort f the Holy Spirit

  12. Shawna Mohler

    Your family has not left my thoughts or heart since I heard.. Continualy praying for you and your family..

  13. Anthony Garcia

    Utter sadness, how do you comprehend that loss? Praying for the family!

  14. Debbie Pawlik Patrick

    I agree Anthony…this family needs so many prayers!

  15. Mia Hessink

    Verdrietig van het nieuws van de MH17, hoorde ik gisteren dat een vriend waar we in onze jonge jaren veel kwamen, brand heeft gehad. Feike van Dijk en familie we leven intens met jullie mee. Heel veel sterkte met het verlies van jullie kindjes en hopen dat de anderen gauw herstellen.

  16. Max Kornblum


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