Ask O: Top 5 reason people hesitate to buy a new home

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – There are many reasons to be nervous about big changes – especially changing homes! Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, there are so many what if’s to wonder about!  These are some of the top 5 reasons why you might be worried about making a change, and why you shouldn’t let that keep you from living your dreams!
1 – I owe too much….

Photo via vitma on

Photo via vitma on

I have talked to so many people who are worried since they bought top of the market that they may not be able to make any changes due to owing more than their home is worth!  QUIT wondering and worrying!! Lets do a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) to help you determine what your home is worth in todays market. It is always easier to make a decision if you have all the information to decide what choices are best!  Then we an discuss if you have equity, don’t have equity, and other financing options, to help you get the information you need to make your decision easier to make!!!  We will show you what your competition is and strive to get you top $ for your home without giving you false hope!
2 – My House is a Mess…
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ME TOO!!!!  My house is a mess too!  Come on!  We all have our days where our houses are messy right?  You will be amazed how quickly you can get your house into tip top shape!  We have been able to help our clients with this process by supplying a moving binder to help you organize your stuff, as well as moving boxes, tape and our moving trailer, so that you can pre-pack some things and put them into storage!  It is actually an amazing feeling to do it!  I have had Sellers decide maybe they don’t want to move anymore because their house feels so great!  It is amazing how much staging and de-cluttering can increase the selling time and amount you can sell your home for!
3 – I want to Move, but it is SCARY!…
Yes it is! Big changes are always scary!!!  I have a client who was super nervous about making a change, the extra cost of a new home closer to town, but hoping for a life with more convenience and more time for family… Read their testimonial below!  If you are thinking you need a change, figure out the logistics and take the step you won’t be sorry!  Life is short and you want to live it!!!
fcyrajackpot 003a copy“We purchased our first home based largely on the fact that it was rural and we could have horses and some livestock. However, after 7 years of commuting over 40 miles a day and sometimes making multiple trips, we began to realize the toll this was taking not only on our vehicles but on our lives as well! We were wasting so much time and money but were nervous to go through the buying and selling process. We decided to take a leap of faith and listed our starter home for sale. We were careful in our search to find properties that would be a good fit and were thrilled to find a wonderful home situated on acreage just outside of city limits. This has given us the ability to have horses and 4-H animals and yet live just minutes from work and other activities. We were able to achieve our goal of having a home with a ‘rural feel’ and the lifestyle characteristics we were looking for all in one!”
4 – It’s to difficult to let go of the Memories…

Photo via Marilyn Volan on

Photo via Marilyn Volan on

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I sometimes even feel this way when trading in a car, so I can totally relate!  A house is way worse!!!!  Maybe you brought home your first baby to the home you live in, or you have lived there since you got married or other moments that you love!  It seems like you may be throwing those away memories! NO!!! They will always be with you! Make the move now, so you don’t start to resent the house that may not meet your needs as much as it used to! Leave it with those amazing memories, and start making new ones in the home you think will better meet your needs today!  Your Memories will stay with you wherever you are!!!
5 – The Home I want is Out of My Price Range….
Photo via Alaettin YILDIRIM on

Photo via Alaettin YILDIRIM on

Well.. this can happen!  That’s all part of the American Dream, right?  Let’s get all the facts together and see what you can afford, and what your goals are!  We are here to help you balance your desires and expectations with reality!  Current interest rates are extremely low which presents a great opportunity for move up Buyers. In OUR Fremont County market, the average and lower price ranges have increased more quickly, so if you are moving up above that bracket out of those ranges you also get a little bump in buying power!  The opportunities are there, let us help you gather the information to make the best decision for you!
It is a great time to sell in Fremont County!  Let your Hometown Realtors at Wind River Realty help you begin the process of moving up the property ladder!


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