Photo of the Day: Bull snake invasion?

(Lander, Wyo.) – Within a matter of weeks, local Lander residents have found two bull snakes on their property on the 100 block of Lincoln Street. In late June, police were called to the area for a report of a snake and Chief Jim Carey showed up.

Today, County10 was walking by as Lane Stringer, above, was disposing of yet another bull snake at the same location. Invasion of snakes or coincidence? You decide.


  1. Grady Profane

    Is this a slow news day?

  2. Gordon H. Rogers

    1 male & 1 female ==where are this years kids———–G———:<))

  3. Tecia Stroh Hubble

    Um find there den and has it up before a kid comes across one or more
    Rather be safe than sorry just saying

  4. Tecia Stroh Hubble

    Gas it up

  5. Carla Marcus-Thomas

    Folks, Bull Snakes eat Rattle Snakes and other vermin like mice and rats. You should welcome bull snakes not kill them because of fear of a creature that has to crawl on its belly to get around.

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