BREAKING: Two fatalities confirmed in Lander fire; Blaze ruled accidental

(Lander, Wyo.) – Fremont County Fire Protection District Warden Craig Haslam has announced that two victims have been recovered from the burnt home at the corner of Lyons Valley Road and Highway 287.

He said the Fremont County Coroner’s Office is working on identifications. The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office previously reported that two children were unaccounted for.

Haslam said the fire has been ruled accidental. The flames originated off the front porch. “It sounds like it might have come from a BBQ grill,” he said. The log construction of the home and 33 mph winds contributed to the fast and devastating nature.

He did not have any information about how the other family members of the Van Dijk family were doing; he had heard, as reported by many on social media, that the mother and father were injured in their efforts to remove the children from the home. He could not confirm that however.

Read more about the incident and how to donate here and here.


  1. Cassie Lemley

    poor family!

  2. Annie Nicol

    Please make donations at Central Bank and Trust.

  3. Amber Brownlee

    Prayers for the family

  4. Amber Prom

    Oh that is just heartbreaking :(

  5. Amber Prom

    Annie, how would out-of-towners go about donating??

  6. Sarah Dike

    Amber, there is an article about CB&T accepting donations and a comment on the article from a bank employee said you can call and do a wire transfer.

  7. Andrea Oscarson

    Out of Towner's go to by Kirbie

  8. Tiffany Truax

    So very sad prayers to the family::(((

  9. Emily Scheer

    Amber Prom There is a donation page set up here:

  10. Connie Wolff

    Oh dear Lord. My prayers are with this family. May Good give you all the strength to get through this.

  11. Marsha Anderson

    Someone said this site keeps 5% of the funds collected but I a not sue.

  12. Randy Ray

    God has called two angels to be with him. Please take care of them.

  13. Stacey Lyn Meeks- Pantle

    That poor family may god comfort them during this hard time

  14. Jacquie Downey

    How heart breaking. My prayers for the family

  15. Judith Evans

    do the Van Dijk live so of lander or out at crowheart?

  16. Annie Nicol

    It does take 5%. Jut call CB&T. We are also taking donations at the dental office, Fremont Family Dental.

  17. Annie Nicol

    Amber, gofundme takes 5% of the donation. Please call CB&T to make a donation. We are also accepting donations at the dental office. Fremont Family Dental.

  18. Michelle Hiemstra


  19. April C Hughes

    You can also send checks that are made out to "The Van Dijk Fund" and send them to:Attn: Mary Ann Perez
    > Central Bank & Trust
    > 285 Main St.
    > Lander, WY 82520

  20. Heather Batmo Biel Doane

    Annie, I will be moving at the end of August and I am sure I'll have many household items to give. I know I'm in Colorado, but I'm more than happy to collect items down here and stuff my car to bring up there. Are these things that will be needed? I already donated on gofundme, but I'll send my next monetary donations through CB&T.

  21. Andrea Oscarson

    Darn it. Wish I'd known before I donated

  22. Eduardo Muniz

    Estou muito Triste e chocado com essa terrível tragédia acontecida com a família Van Dijk! Peço ao Eterno que dê muita força e conforte os corações de toda à família nesse momento. Estou aqui no Brasil orando e passando muita energia positiva para meu amigo Feike van Dijk!

  23. Kirbie Despain

    I do have a go fund me page. But if you want to donate please donate to central bank and trust they can do a wire transfer. As stated gofund me does have. % taken out we will be closing the go fund me page soon! Thank you who has all supported!

  24. Robby Noriega

    prayers for the people and there families but that roof is on fire literally

  25. Denny Prothero

    Heartbreaking. As a Retired Firefighter I have seen too many fatal fires. If it does turn out to be a BBQ that caused the fire then it's even more of a tragedy. Never BBQ next to a wooden structure. Always make sure that the coals are cold before leaving it. :-(

  26. Sharry Burkey

    Some may say that I am wrong But God does not need children in heaven if he wants some he could make them he uses his Angeles& his son if they are going to heaven why do people feel so bad we where not made jst 2 die. I will be thinking about this family in their time of gr8 pain my Jah comfort them& the rest of the family and friends

  27. Karen Williamson

    You could also contact the Evangelical Free Church of Lander 307-332-6767, that's the church the family attends. They are helping with donations and getting them the help needed. This is heartbreaking. I am so glad to live in a community that is so willing to come together and help out when something tragic like this happens.

  28. Tammy L Crawford

    prayers to the family my
    heart breaks!!

  29. Mary Osuzik-Rayman

    Father and infant son flown to SLC burn center, oldest son and infant daughter safe, and Mom is too. Please contact the Evangelical Free Church of Lander if you want to help.

  30. Stacia Linton

    I believe it actually keeps closer to 8.1%

  31. Sara Dockham

    That is too bad it happened

  32. Carol Hofer


  33. Tara Mercer

    my heart breaks for this family…….

  34. Susan Hester

    Mere words seem so inadequate at times like this , however, our thoughts and prayers are with the family. May the loving care and strength of our Heavenly Father wrap his arms around the family and guide them through the long recovery.

  35. April Carrell Justice

    This is so tragic. I can't even begin to imagine…

  36. Nichole Theresa Neil

    :'( words do not express

  37. Judy Wanek Rosenburg

    That's terrible

  38. Billie Parkins

    Thank you for information on donations being accepted at CB&T.

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