The number of unclaimed bicycles is climbing in Riverton


As a follow-up to this story, on Wednesday Captain Eric Murphy said there was one important thing that people with missing bicycles needed to bring with them to claim their bicycle. That is proof of ownship, which he said is usually the stickler in someone trying to reclaim a bicycle.

To avoid not being able to provide proof of ownership, Murphy suggested again that people have their bicycles registered at the PD so if they are lost or stolen, the department knows who the owner is and the bicycle can be returned.


(Riverton, Wyo.) – The number of unclaimed bicycles recovered by the Riverton Police Department is growing by the day and now totals around 75, give or take a bike here and there.

“The most recent bicycles collected are stored at City Hall, but most of the bikes are in a secure building elsewhere in the city.

“I don’t understand why people don’t come in and claim their property,” Captain Eric Murphy said this week. “Some of these are pretty expensive bicycles.” He also used the occasion to remind residents to have their bicycles registered with the city. “When we find a registered bicycle, we can get it back to its owner,”  he said. “Otherwise we don’t know who owns it.”

At a city hall storage room, about 15 bicycles were parked. “They are all unregistered. If no one claims any of the bikes we have, they’ll go to the annual sheriff’s department auction,” Murphy said.




  1. Jesse McHalf

    where and when is the annual sheriffs auction held?

  2. Shalena Heller

    Yes when and where?

  3. Lauri Shoopman

    How do we get to look thru them? Our 2 bikes were stolen 2 weeks ago and they never offered for us to go thru them to "claim" any of them…

  4. Sarah Kalbach

    Go to City Hall and ask at the police department. One of the officers can escort you to the lock up facility that is off site.

  5. Alex Sinclair

    i need one too. lol but how much do they sell em for

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